How do I download a video?

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Over the years I have bought quite a number of online training course and I usually download the videos to my computer and watch them when it is convenient and usually with better quality as there are no pauses whilst streaming etc.

A recent course I bought before Christmas, streams it's videos via

For some reason I can't download these videos.

There are 11 long videos in the course and the quality is poor when streaming. Hence, I prefer to download them and watch them without the interruptions from my dsl connection etc.

Does anyone know how to download these videos which are hosted by ooyala?

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    how do you download usually? I usually use the downloadhelper addon in firefox, I'm like you, I need to download everything (I only started looking into this IM thing around 6 months ago and already needed to upgrade to a 500gb external hard drive!)

    another thing you could try is, just put in the URL and the format you want it in

    hope this helps

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    you can try this website to download the said video.
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    or if you dowload realplayer, the free version, that also has a download helper
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    I have tried the downloadhelperhelper in firefox, Orbit and Grab It.

    These are what I usually use, but for some reason don't work with ooyala's method of streaming.

    Very strange.

    Maybe that is why the g u r u uses ooyala.

    It is very irritating though to say the least as the streaming quality isn't the best and I often want to watch videos on my ipod etc... when away from the computer.
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    Originally Posted by Steve Porcaro View Post

    I have about 4 video downloaders on my Firefox, I am not at my computer right now to name them.

    However where 3 of them will not work 1 of them will eventually work. In this area it is best to have quite a few. Pretty much you will be able to download any video from any site.

    please fill us in when you get back to your computer
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    I use Internet download manager . It is #1 for any type of download
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    Its not uncommon now, some of the site owners protect their videos from downloading, even IDM fails. I remember i tried downloading Bryan Adam's heaven video, after 2 weeks of struggle, i wasnt able to, so I gave up. I guess its some new kind of protection.
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    This appears to be a dead thread. but was the question answered?

    This is a real issue for some of us. I was hopping for some light, as we cannot all be streaming video uber-geeks. :-)

    Thanks, LM
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    download IDM and the plugin for firefox, when the video playing you can see the IDM icon appear then click it and download
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    If you need to download youtube videos you can use TubeTilla 2013 - Free YouTube Downloader
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    I use IDM it's the best
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    The ooyala streams will not work with standard youtube downloaders. It was sometime ago but I tried all the highly recommended ones on it.

    Here is an example. All the videos on this site use ooyala streaming.

    Words of Peace Global - Video library

    If anyone does come up with a way to download them, please let us know.
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    Try this download manager:
    Free Download Manager - absolutely free download accelerator and manager

    It downloads anything. It should work.
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    I have the same problem, it's impossible to download a video hosted on
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    Did the previous link give you a solution? Reading around it seems ooyala are using adaptiv streaming to both provide an improved streaming experience and make it harder to download the video. Check out this article 'What I know about http adaptive streaming' by Nick Doyle
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    there are lots of mozilla plugin that you can install to download videos in any video sites
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    one of the quickest ways is with Camtasia just recorded the first video
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    People this thread is 3 years old. Please actually "read" before posting (this isn't for everyone, just those who insist on posting solutions without even reading the whole thread).

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