Can You Check Exactly Who Opened Your Emails With Aweber?

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Hey Warriors,

I'm getting around 20-30% open rates for my emails and I was wondering if you can tell exactly WHO opened the email.

I'm curious b/c I feel like some people will open every email and others will never open them. Obviously, it'd be better to work with people who like your emails so I was wondering if I could distill that info from the service.

Thanks for sharing,


Brad Spencer
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    Yep. You can do that. You have to use the click-tracking feature to get the info.

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    My open rate is about 20% ~ 30%, if I use negative title such as "bad news", "My ranking dropped..." or anything negative, open rate is around 40%~50%!
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      I was wondering about this as I was getting a much lower open rate than I thought for some of my lists. The particular list was offering some free advice on a particular software application and when I made the offer, my inbox was hammered.

      When I setup the list I only got around 70% open rate, which seemed low. People had been clamoring to get on the list and I had assumed they would all open the emails.

      Quick way to check who is opening - worked for me.

      In your next email, add in a couple of questions and ask for answers to be emailed back to you.

      I did that and I now know who is opening my emails.

      Doubt this will work for all lists, but it suited my needs.

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    Thanks for sharing, Paxton. 70% is impressive, consider some email client like outlook will filter the open rate, congratulation!
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      I do simple, old fashioned newsletter style broadcasts.

      AWeber has a ton of templates that come out very nicely when sent to your email subscribers.

      Do one, then for the next issue, copy the previous in Aweber and change the content. That way the feel of the newsletter stays the same.

      You can add links on most of the templates outside the main content, so it won't look stuffed with links - something I hate personally and don't do to my subscribers.

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    You can with graphicmail. It also tells you who clicked on what within your email.

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