Warrior Makes $650 From A Forum Response...

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Hi there everyone,

I thought this was worth posting because it's truly a beauty.

This one just goes to show that you NEVER know what answering a Warrior Forum post will do.

Yesterday I posted a thread in the forum.

A very kind female warrior was the first one to respond in a very comprehensive way.

As a result of her response which was purely educational I sent her a PM message - the result being that I have just sent her a payment for $650.00US to do a service for me.

I thought it was worth remarking that you just never know what a warrior forum response will do for you - and your online business.

Food for thought for everyone.
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    Great post.

    I've done this several times. I often try to use different Warriors for services to support people who are helping themselves. There have been many times when someones useful post was the thing that led me to ask if I could pay them some money to do their thing for me.

    I think people underestimate the amount of money we send each other for services. I have around a dozen warriors who I regularly pay for their services.

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      I think Warriors are generally pretty kind and geneorus people. They want to help and help each other.

      I've seen AndyHenry be kind and generous,......other Warriors, too.

      I know this thread is not about generosity, per se, but I see it frequently here, and wanted to say something.

      You guys are awesome....
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    Great post from a fellow Aussie. Keep up the good work.
  • Profile picture of the author Andyhenry
    That sounds great. Thanks...
    • Profile picture of the author ExRat
      Hi Andy,

      Singapore - Did you go to the Grand Prix in the end? Have you done the night safari and have you been to 'sticky fingers' bar? (A Rolling Stones theme pub for anyone with concerns!) Have you visited that fountain in between the skyscrapers that represent four fingers and a thumb?

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