Is There Any Way To Receive Money Online Without A Bank Account

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I'm looking for some way to receive money from selling some ebooks
online without using paypal & any phone verification.

Paypal froze my account & because of that my bank account got
closed not being able to transfer funds to it.
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    Wow, I'm sorry to hear that. Have you heard of STP (solid trust pay)? I think their fees are a little high, but you can get a debit card to access your balance.

    By the way, if you don't mind, would you care to share the circumstances that led to your paypal account being frozen? I'd like to learn as much as possible, so that I can prevent anything like that (as far as possible anyway!) from happening to my account.
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    Try I haven't used them myself, and I don't know if they require a bank account, but I know some people who can't use PayPal have been using them.
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    I would stay away from Plimus (horrible order processing). Why don't you try
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    I need one that is easy to get verified without a phone & bank account.
    I've narrowed it down to these processors Which one would you pick., Liberty reserve, Alert pay, moneybookers, xoom, Western Union.
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    I don't know about Liberty reserve, xoom, WU or alertpay, but I have worked with 2co and Moneybookers. 2checkout is pretty good, but their transaction fees are a bit on the highish side. Moneybookers isn't really a good option for "business". Alert pay also looks like a good option but they haven't been in business as long as 2co.
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    I just signed up for alert I'll post back here if they accept me.
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    highbids, I just want to let you know that alertpay will require some sort of bank account for verification - I clearly remember that I had to go through account verification for the account to be fully usable.
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    I just got accepted for receiving payments on my website but they
    are going to hold the funds for three days.

    There's still another set of verifications that could be what your
    talking about, but for now I can receive payments on my website.
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    Great to hear, highbids! Hopefully you won't have too much trouble getting fully verified. Here's a tip though - they have a debit card which should make funds access much easier (I'm not using it presently, but I've heard good things about it so far).
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      Since you've already gotten a payment processor, here's a tip for a bank account.

      Get a prepaid credit card. You can get a free one from netspend- (no affiliate link) by just going to their website and signing up.

      These are actual checking accounts, with routing numbers and account numbers. They're good to have and you can wire the funds to it and have funds on a card.

      Good luck.


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