100 signups per week?

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hi I just want to ask if 100 sign up per week if it is good
enough for a report or I have to do better

the site I mentioned is kind of giveaway site.

thanks in advance!
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    Depends on your goals and the amount of traffic you're getting. A hundred sign ups can be gold if you send them the right messages.
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    100 signups a week is pretty damn good. You will be on your way if your not already to a full time income in no time. Especially if its a responsive list.
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    Sounds like an OK sign up rate? My question would be what % of your site visitors are signing up?

    Volume is fixed by more traffic, more subscribers is a combination of more traffic and the whole conversion / sales process.

    But 100 a week, many quoted stats float around about the value of a targeted list subscriber and if I borrow one such figure of $1 per lead per month then you're adding a potential $400 per month every month...so over a few months this is very good.

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