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Hi everybody,

No this isn't my third post; I've actually have been here for quite awhile, but had trouble with my existing username and resetting the password under the new forum structure, therefore a new username, and a new counter.

I'm finishing a new report (13 pages) filled with current data and information from one of my websites about specific reasons why entreprenuers and business owners are struggling right now, and specific activities that they perform right now to outwit, outlast, and outplay their competitors, based on the current economic conditions.

This is actually an ongoing series of reports (quarterly) based on new, updated data being supplied into my website.

I'd like some opinions of pricing and the price / value perception issue. What price range should this be in? Any suggestions about marketing, i.e. joint ventures, specific promotional tactics?

Thanks in advance!!!

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    look around on clickbank, look for similar products

    do your research, no one knows what your actually writing and what value you are delivering, so you need to look at what others are delivering for simiar products
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      It would probably be wise to get a few testimonials from people and ask them what they would price it as.

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