E-Bay has become expensive

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Auction site such as E-bay has raised their bar and price.

It is becoming less attractive to go through E-bay.

Any other GOOD recommendation?
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    True they are expensive

    However it's another sales channel and if it's profitable then why not? It's a customer that you probably wouldn't have had otherwise (I assum your product is general) cause they would just order via another seller!

    Plus if you sell a lot you can get discounts on the fees.

    Thanks Alan
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    I have completely moved away from ebay. Used to be my #1 go to spot for buying and selling. Now Craigslist seems to be taking over.
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    I still buy plenty of stuff from eBay although Amazon.com Prime is pretty cool. Can't beat 2 day shipping or 2.99 overnight shipping. I'm in Canada but can have stuffed shipped to a US Office address which is nice.

    In Canada, buying anything online is usually overpriced. 9/10 it's cheaper for me to buy from the US and bring into Canada.
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      I agree its getting beyond a joke, but...

      its EBAY so not a lot you can do, they have the traffic and the brand, you would need to be living under a rock not to know the name. its been featured in films songs you name they have had a mention.

      I think it would take a huge presence and even bigger bank balance to over throw them.

      so if you want their traffic you have to just try and work with them, but I'd suggest going with other marketing methods and just using ebay as an extra sideline, for the people who depend on ebay good luck

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    It is time for eBay to get some serious competition. It was once such a great site - to buy and sell.

    You would think that with the economy tanking they would lower their fees so that people could liquidate things they don't need, but they seem to be oblivious to what would be a great marketing campaign to get both buyers and sellers back to eBay.


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