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Can anyone tell me how many articles you need to submit to buzzle before they raise the '2 at a time' rule.

I'm sure I've read before somewhere that you can only submit 2 articles and wait for them to be approved before submitting any more.

Or, is this always the case?

Best wishes

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    Hi Mary,

    Buzzle always stays at 2 but I found the approval has been a little faster laterly so maybe with more articles in their directory it speeds up.

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      Thanks Debbie.

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      I'm trying my hardest to get them to raise the bar. How can anyone get anywhere with a measly 2 articles? I don't submit articles everday so the process over at is S---L---O--W for me.

      If it was like a 15 minutea approval time, that would be fine. But it can take days for those 2 articles to get approved -- that's what really sucks about it.
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    I think Buzzle only allowing 2 article submissions at a time is a really smart move.

    Now authors will make sure to submit much higher qaulity content. Would not be surprised at all if Ezinearticles implements a similar approach in the near future and limits the number of articles each author can submit at one time.


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