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    You know Theaters don't make any money from ticket sales - they have to give all of that money to the movie producers.

    You'd have to have big time contracts with the movies, and that site would take a lot to custom code.
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      Originally Posted by Cameron May View Post

      You know Theaters don't make any money from ticket sales - they have to give all of that money to the movie producers.

      You'd have to have big time contracts with the movies, and that site would take a lot to custom code.
      Cameron, You are right. I did contract work for a few movie theaters and the reoccurring thing I was told = "Movie theaters are fast food restaurants that just happen to show movies." So the real profit came from food, popcorn, drink and candy sales.

      Kory, you might be able to monetize it through ads or other things. If you feel really passionate about this you probably will find a way to make it work.

      Good Idea,
      George Wright P.S. I would watch movies through a service like yours but I still feel that you would have to think of other ways to make money other than just the viewing of the movie.
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    I like your idea, Kory.

    I currently subscribe to Netflix and visit to watch movies online. However, the majority of these movies are a bit older, and none of them are new releases.

    I'm sure there would be many obstacles to overcome - mainly from movie studios, theaters, etc. - but, as I said, I like the idea.

    Even if you were to pay an extra dollar or two, that'd be fine with me.

    One question, how could you guarantee the movies would not be copied, and distributed digitally?

    All the best,
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      like your idea and plan but im not sure how easy this would be to create, being a realist.
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    I like the idea....But and it is a BIG BUT...Unfortunately (IMHO) it will not happen The Movie industry is way too protective of their retail theater sales, heck they will not even allow simultaneous DVD releases in most cases (although I have heard some promising news on this front).

    Not to bust your dream though...go for it, I have been wrong before
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      Allowing such a thing would automatically enable easier piracy I'm guessing. Personally, unless that aspect can be addressed, I do not think that any movie studio would agree to it.

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    I'd definitely look into a dedicated server for this one.

    Seriously, the movie studios have already thought of this and may try it at some point. If so, they would be partnering with major Internet companies, not a startup.

    It would seem to make more sense for them to just allow cable/satellite pay-per-view on the release day... far more people would rather watch a movie on their TV than their computer, and the infrastructure is already in place for PPV.
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    Kory its a great idea, now just convince Warner Bro's to let you do it!

    Best of luck with it all

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    okay, i typed 4 paragraphs but then i deleted them all.. to summarize 'em: "sorry, don't want to burst your bubble - but that won't happen."
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      Originally Posted by ChrisByrns View Post

      okay, i typed 4 paragraphs but then i deleted them all.. to summarize 'em: "sorry, don't want to burst your bubble - but that won't happen."
      I respectfully have to disagree, but only slightly. I honestly think it WILL happen, the only question is when. Maybe if Kory keeps at it he can find the solutions to any roadblocks along the way.

      It's a good idea, IMHO, but there are sure to be problems along the way. But that's no reason to give up.

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    I like the idea but also agree with the sentiment that you would have an extremely difficult time with studios and theaters.

    But you could offer movies from independent filmmakers whose movies do not make it to the big theaters. I'm sure they would love to partner with you, especially if you could bring them tons of viewers.
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    I like your entrepreneurship spirit, reminds me of myself a few years ago...I wanted to build a social networking site that targeted a certain type of demographic. At the time, it was just too overwhelming as a "bedroom startup" and it's sad theses days as I see similar ideas now a reality...because someone had the money and I didn't.

    However, I think you need to consider this:

    1. Sky Tv is a multibillion pound corporation and they are probably the closest to delivering the latest films to people's homes.

    Even though you're talking about NEW releases as they are actually released, I think media giants like Sky, Virgin and other traditional corps that deliver such living room services are going to be a little closer to making this a reality than you I'm afraid...

    ...and I would dare say that this is something that has been discussed at thousands upon thousands of high profile board meetings with such companies.

    2. As already mentioned in another reply, there are several companies that would be standing in line way infront of yourself, simply because they already have a strong presence in their industry and would be set up to implement such a service.

    3. I think that it's a cool idea and yes, it WOULD work. Sadly, it's not the sort of industry that you just walk off the streets and say "hey, check this out..." and not expect the entire board room to frown on you and say "urm, yes...we've been discussing this for years".

    4. Apart from the astronomical start up costs, funding and partners required, you'd have to do some serious research (and I don't mean googling, I mean hundreds of thousands of pounds worth) in order to establish whether there is enough demand for average broadband users to pay to watch a movie on their significantly smaller PC/Mac monitor, at a less than perfect quality...and with very little chance of a backrow romance or popcorn war.
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    I love the idea esp if I could hook it up to my big screen to watch. You would have a tough time with contracts and pricing with movie theaters. But, if they made most of the money off of ticket sales and you just sold advertising space and slot like Hulu does you could make money. But the bandwidth cost would be astronomical so it would be tough to say if it would be really profitable for you or not.

    Now, if you some how tied in a social aspect to it with profile, reviews, comments, ect. that would be cool.
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    Wow! Great idea. I like emotional movies and comedies, btw.

    Originally Posted by korypearman View Post

    My goal isn't to drive movie theaters out of business.
    But you will surely put youtube out of business some day.

    Just kidding!
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    I generally agree that either the studios themselves or the likes of Sky would already be rolling this out if it were on the cards. I don't think it is, and for one simple reason.

    If you want to see a new movie you pay PER PERSON. A family of 5 means FIVE tickets. A streaming/downloaded movie could be viewed by you, your whole family and your friends from down the street, all at the same time. Big reduction in revenue potential for the studio.

    If you were to develop a piece of software or a solution that helped the studios get past the roadblocks of per person billing, duplication, bandwidth - you would have your million-dollar business.

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    Personally I love the idea... But I don't think movie theaters would allow that to happen. While we're on the topic, how much does it cost to go to a movie were you are from?

    Here in Kitchener Ontario Canada it costs $15 and that's before you even get to the overpriced stale food

    Mike Hill

    PS. Now if you somehow got contracts to show PPV events that are sold out way in advance like the UFC fights then I think it would be killer... It gives people who don't have a PPV box to get the fights too... It would still cost the same but I think it would open up a wider part of the market.
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    Hi Kory.

    While the idea is not original (I had the same thought about two years ago...even had a domain name "" for Internet Theater On Demand...but I let other people swiftly shoot the idea down for me. Doesn't mean you have to though.

    This is doable, no matter what anyone says. You just have to be willing to jump through all the hoops to get it set up. I wasn't willing. Maybe you are?

    Anyway, just wanted to put my two cents in on it.

    Do what you feel is best for you.

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    Geez, I hate to sound like a wet blanket but...

    Apple is already waiting in the wings for this:

    Apple - Apple TV

    When and if movie studios ever decide to go "live" like you've envisioned, you've got one Steve Jobs one significant step ahead of you.
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      This is idea, and its execution are typical of distribution streams that require a hefty licensing fee paid up front.

      That fee would be based on profit potentials, realized or not, by the licensee as negotiated with the licensor.

      For what you are talking about my guess would be that the license fee would bigger than a breadbox and not much smaller than a corporate bailout.

      Have you written your Congressperson yet?

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    Originally Posted by korypearman View Post

    Does that sound dumb? Give me some good mean judgments and pound it in my head if it's dumb! Even though I still think it's awesome. I know I'd watch them over the internet.



    Google 'Mike Belmont' or 'MdotStrange'.

    Watch 'We Are The Strange' on YouTube.

    :We are the Strange:

    It's about one man who is taking on the movie industry, as we know it.

    Good luck with your own version of this success story

    All success

    P.S. - I heard about Belmont in Jeff Howe's CROWDSOURCING - nice book.
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      Well its good that youn have calm down and which gives you the opportunity to get the new thoughts come in to your mind.

      Million dollar business has taken a birth in your mind and you would be going to prove it and its been done.I would like to advice you to be FOCUS on what you do and make your dream come true.

      When you are doin the online theater i guess you just Plan Your Work and Than Work Your might be facing a lot of competetion.but you got to take it and live your path to successs.

      All the best.and when you had done please post first movie on the forum so tht all the warriors also can see the movie.
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    Great Concept

    Need to do alot of market research first and make sure you can get deals with major companies - fix legal issue illegal downloading of movies too - you'll need to invest in some programming language to fix this.

    You could offer your customers a yearly charge which can be your profit and a charge per movie which gets paid to the production company.
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    That has SO many holes! Problems?

    1. CONTRACTS! Film companies would be shooting themselves in the foot. FORGET IT!
    2. BANDWIDTH! It would cost you a FORTUNE, if you could even do it!
    3. PROGRAMMING! You would need a GOOD buffering system(popular ones today STINK), and it would have to conform with DMCA requirements.
    4. SUPPORT! People are CERTAIN to have problems, in their view anyway.

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    If this were to happen, and that's a HUGE if; as many have already stated about how hyper sensitive the industry is being. You'd think they would have learned a lesson from the recording industry, but they didn't. I have a feeling that netflix and/or itunes would be the big players.

    You can already watch your rented movies on netflix. They have a HUGE customer base already. They really should start releasing the movie to DVD at the same time it hits theaters. Think of how many people would go see it at the theater be excited about it and then go to the store and buy it. I think if they would release it to itunes at the same time, they'd make a killing.

    I really don't think you'd be able to pull this off. Not trying to be a dream crusher, just the reality of the situation.
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    itunes rental store - hd rentals - apple tv.
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    It's a great "think big" idea but really unsure on the practical side. I personally go to the movies to get away from my pc - but maybe it's just me!!
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      There is an important point here to consider with this idea, and more generally for any business idea and that is called "Adding Value".

      In order to get paid, or expect to get paid for something, you in turn need to provide some value in return for that payment.

      I don't see where in your idea you are adding value. Having the idea isn't valuable in itself, as many people have pointed out. And unfortunately for you, the people who do have value to add have already had this idea themselves- years ago. They are only waiting for the right combination of deals and partnerships and technology to come together to make this make financial sense.

      The only way you could cash in on this is either if you had some important piece of the puzzle that they couldn't do it without you (movie content rights, technology to allow high quality streaming even over slow connections, or millions of ready-to-pay-viewers you could deliver) or where trying to go around you would cost more than giving you a share of the revenue.

      In any business idea you come up with, the first question should be to to ask whether your idea is adding value to the process and what is reasonable compensation for that value. It is also a good idea to make sure that you aren't the only one to see the value- or else it probably doesn't exist!

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