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Hey guys,

I've just finished my first eBook and I'm putting together my site at the moment.

I'd like to sell it on E-Bay now but I know they don't allow the sale of eBooks anymore.

Is there any way around this? Do you think it's a good idea to sell it by printing it out from my computer and binding it? Or maybe putting it on cd?

Any help is much appreciated!
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    Good Idea!

    You should try to put it on CD. It will cost you less.


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    Yeah I like the CD idea but I was thinking it might be a good idea to bind because it means other people can't sell it quite so easily.

    If I put it on CD, I'd be afraid that someone will buy it and then sell it on and undercut my price!
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      I'd recommend using Kunaki. They'll produce professional looking cd's for you from your info. They can ship 1's for you as well so no large costs.

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    Maybe this is a job for
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    Yeah, you'll have to sell it via a cd, they don't allow digital downloads anymore.
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    What do people think of the printing & binding idea?
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      Originally Posted by justkeith View Post

      What do people think of the printing & binding idea?
      I have the equiptment to bind small booklets.I got it because I buy many ebooks and I like to print them out to read.
      I have to tell you tho this is NOT a cost effective way to sell anything.
      I would not recommend it.
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    I sell ebooks and software on eBay auctions regularly and you must offer them on CD. This is easier and cheaper than mailing a physical book - I usually also offer postage discounts for multiple purchases (you can get a lot of ebooks on one CD) but suggest somewhere in my listing that the buyer contacts me for 'delivery options'.

    This gives you the option to offer a download once the auction is complete, although curiously no-one has taken this up yet - seems they feel happier paying the postage.

    However you can use the classified ad system an sell downloadable ebooks directly as this falls outside their feedback system so is acceptable.
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    CD will be easiest and most efficient - and if people are going to copy you they will do anyway (don't sweat it too much - especially if it stops you taking ANY action).
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    I think that CD is the best option too. I bought myself many CDs (data) of eBooks. The other day I had something like 100 PLR eBooks for a very low price. I could see that the seller did the CD himself.
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    If you want to have it produced and shipped for you on multimedia then Kunaki is the way to go. It's alot less expensive than you might think!

    You can find a free report on how to use Kunaki here.

    You have to accept that if you sell a physical product the owner is allowed to sell it on. BUT! This can be an advantage. If you put further upsells, cross sells etc. in there or a link to your website or mailing list then you actually do want people to pass it on. How viral is that!

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    Perhaps I'm the only one that likes the printing method.

    I used to do that back in high school. I only stopped because I ended up falling into a "real job" making considerably more.

    I've often thought about doing it again, but I've got too much other crap on my plate. It's not that hard to come up with a decent quality print using your own inkjet printer, and it doesnt take much more time than to burn a CD...

    Either way you're shipping something, so that's a wash.

    Plus you are increasing the likelihood that your product won't get copied.

    On top of that, I've found that people READ printed stuff more than stuff they have on a CD. They are able to take it wherever they want and read it, refer back to it, etc.

    The only smart thing to say here is this.

    TEST IT.

    Print up a few using your home printer. It won't cost you more than about 2.00 to do it.

    Sell those on ebay.

    Burn a few CD's.

    Sell those on ebay.

    Survey your customers.
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    Do CD based ebooks really work on ebay?? Never thought of that might have to give that one a try...

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