I pay 49c for "Make Money Online"... Is this Good ?

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I have been exploring Adwords for about a year now and have won a couple and lost a couple.

I have been testing out different keyword phrases to different "Make Money Online" programs and I found one that is only costing me 49c for the phrase "MMO". The CTR is 1.92%

I have had several other programs cost me almost $10.00 and worst yet.. a lower CTR than above.

Let me know anyones thought on this as it would help incredibly.

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    CTR doesn't matter as much as conversions. Don't look so much as how much are you spending as on how much you are earning.
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    Your traffic is not targeted and your conversions will not be at their highest levels either, it is good to find cheap keywords but if they bring poor traffic, then it is just a waste of your time and efforts.

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