What Do You Use To Run Your Affiliate Program?

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Hi Guys,

Looking for some input on setting up an affiliate program...

What product/service would you recommend?

Thanks for your time...

Regards, Pete
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    Pete - is this for a digital or physical product?

    If digital, you can go with Clickbank and have them handle all of your payment processing as well as affiliate management for you or you can use a front-end like 1ShoppingCart which incorporates an affiliate management solution into it - I use both depending on the niche.

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    Thanks for your reply Jeff...

    It's for a digital product...
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      If it's for a digital product, do you want to offer discount coupons and an affiliate program built in

      Secure download of digital product, ( can't be hacked, no go/ download.php links in it YAWN!)

      Affiliate program and discount coupon option if you want your affiliates to use it, and on the really big PLuS side - without the hassle of running a membership site

      Pm me for a super special coupon code of your very own. (50% off - only for the next 24 hours!)

      Naughty! but nice? - Affpaypro? see my profile and pm me buddy, you just got yourself a special deal.
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    I use a program called OSI Affiliate. It works really well and is super easy to install.
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    I use clickbank. There's so many excellent products to promote there.
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    Thanks all for your replies...

    @Janet... Great offer, I just PM'ed you

    Regards, Pete

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