How do you deal with lower Paypal Currency Exchange rates?

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I'm from Singapore and the Paypal Currency Exchange rate is lower than my ClickBank cheque currency exchange rates.

How does anyone cope with this?

Do you set up a US bank account to withdraw Paypal Money and then transfer over to your Singapore or other country bank account?
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    I've been using Paypal practically in the same month it became available to Singaporeans. Unfortunately, the low exchange rate is just a fact of life with them. You just got to live with it. Sure, you can setup a US account and then transfer the money over to your Singapore account, but unless you are dealing with 5-figure transactions, the interbank transfer charges are going to eat up more than what you save.

    ~ Sirius
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    I got really frustrated with the paypal exchange rates too, so I ordered myself a payoneer debit card. Saves me so much! Only problem is, when I withdraw from an ATM machine, the bank has their own exchange rates aswell. That being said, I've found a good one with a 1% fee. Not too bad when you compare it too paypal's 3 or 4% fee.

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