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Would someone be kind enough to explain in plain english (I'm not that technical) how to add the Adpole widget to my blog site and also how I format it once I have it up and hopefully running.:confused:
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    I would think if you added the code adpole gives you to the sidebar.php it would work fine. You can edit the sidebar.php in your theme editor.

    Steve MacLellan
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    just put inside a text / html widget. if you use WP, (self-hosted), just go to design - widgets - add a text widget, click on it to edit, and paste the code inside. save and go look at your front page.

    if you use blogger, go to - add page element - add html / javascript module - paste code in, save, check out.

    hope this helps.

    most hosted WP blogs do not let you put javascript in the text modules, and at you are not allowed any advertising.

    i can't remember if the adpole widget comes in different sizes, but if it does, just play around till you get one that suits you.

    hope this helps.
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    Thank you both so much, am about to go and have another try

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