Buy my egg! An impromptu sales copy writing challenge.

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Hi Y'all

I've been trying to write a sales copy for a landing page a while ago and I realized I've run out of ideas.

So I decided to have a challenge here and see how great Copywriters here really are.

There's no price in doing this. The only benefit here is that you'll know how quick you can write a sales copy and how good it will be.

Since I'm giving the challenge I'll start.

Topic: Eggs
Challenge: Sell Eggs and egg related products, be creative about the related products.

Here's mine:

Title: 101 Ways to Cook your eggs!

Here would be my sales copy

Do you like the smell of fresh eggs in the morning?
Are you tired of eating the same old sunny side up?
Do you want to spice up your egg based meals?

Hi friend,

If you're like me you know that eggs are a good way to start your morning. No breakfast is complete without freshly cooked and delicious eggs.
The problem is a lot of us only know two ways to cook an egg. It's either sunny side up or scrambled. Eating eggs is not giving us an exciting culinary experience.

So we provided a solution. We compiled all the greatest and best kept secret recipes to cook eggs. We then selected 101 recipes and compiled them in a book to benefit you!

Imagine, now you could cook eggs in a way that a chef would. You no longer have to endure eating eggs in the same old sunny side up way.
You will learn 101 ways to make your breakfast and any meal a great dining experience.

Buy 101 Ways to Cook Eggs Now!

As a goodwill bonus we will even include our original "Buy my Stupid e-book" for free..

Buy it and change your life now!

Whew! wrote that in about 30 minutes..How about you?

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    This kind of reminds me of "sales training" we did for the last company I worked for.

    We picked bits of paper out of a hat with random objects written on them, and we had to prepare a sales presentation for that object.

    I somehow managed to get ladies underwear.

    That was the strangest boardroom sales presentation that I've ever done

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      I think you missed the 2 most important elements of compelling sales copy:

      # 1 Getting to know your product. In this case you would go through the report paragraph by paragraph and write bullets as you went getting to know everything about cooking eggs.

      You'd also do some research on why eggs are so great...scientific evidence...leading celebrities who like eggs etc.

      # 2 Getting to know your prospect. You want to know exactly who will be coming to your sales page and what hot buttons they have related to your egg ebook.

      Are they trying to lose weight? Put on muscle? Are they trying to get healthy following a special diet involving eggs?

      Where are these visitors coming from and what do they really want? What will motivate them to take action.

      Good copy is not about clever's about doing your research, understanding human nature and using your sales copy to change the behavior of your prospects.

      Kindest regards,
      Andrew Cavanagh
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    When we were kids my family would take Sunday rides in our 1962 Rambler station wagon. One thing that still sticks with us is all the "Fresh Eggs For Sale" signs we would pass. Everybody wants their eggs to be fresh
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    That looks like a good challenge, can't wait to see what happens.
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    Make Breakfast While You Sleep

    Feel like there just isn't any sanity in the morning? Want to stay in bed and pretend you have a maid doing all the work for you?

    If your morning routine is just too much to handle, and your'e too busy to cook a great american breakfast, you could be damaging your families health from malnutrition.

    And a great, ballanced protien rich breakfast makes the perfect fuel that will give you and your family plenty of energy throughout the day.

    We know you're busy helping the kids get to school, making their lunches, and feeding the dogs. If only there was a better way to save time, without the hassle of burnt toast, and a flaming frying pan. There is!

    Now you can serve breakfast for a big family of 10, every day of the week, and still have plenty of time for yourself! Introducing..

    The Breakfast Wizard 3000

    A Breakthrough In Automatic Breakfast Preperation Technology
    • Makes eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and coffe while you sleep
    • Hands Free. No more breaking, beating, or flipping.
    • Saves Time- Set the prep system the night before & make breakfast while you sleep
    • Seasoning Memory System- Easly load your seasonings into 12 memory presets for those picky eaters with a push of a button
    • Yolk Divider- Takes a mere second to prepare the whole egg or just the eggwhite
    • Works seamlessly with any sized dinner plate
    • Full 12 year 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    How Breakfast Wizard 3000 Works:

    1. Load the breakfast items in the patented storage bin before going to bed
    2. Tell Breakfast Wizard 3000 how many to cook for and what setting you want
    3. Press OK on the keypad to confirm

    Breakfast Wizard 3000 automatically thaws, prepares, cooks and serves your breakfast while you sleep so you don't have to! Yes, it's THAT simple!

    ONLY 3 SMALL PAYMENTS OF 59.99 billed to your mastercard or visa.

    Installation is simple and only takes a few minutes.

    Be one of the next 50 callers and get free delivery and installation.


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      Could Your Next Egg Make Your $500,000...?

      To make eating our nutritious healthy eggs more exciting we've put $500,000 in diamonds in 5 eggs spread throughout our egg supply for weekly home delivery..

      Imagine cracking open a fresh Sunny egg and seeing those diamonds spill out!

      Call 5699999 now and order your regular supply of home delivered Sunny eggs.

      It could change your lifestyle forever!

      P.S. Which came first the chicken, the egg or the diamond.

      Eggs may be your best friend in the kitchen but everyone knows diamonds are a girl's best friend.

      Now you can have both.

      Or some rubbish like that.

      Kindest regards,
      Andrew Cavanagh
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    Eggs will make your penis bigger. Click Here for details.

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