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Just wanted to stop by and thank you for the copy of TS 2.0.

I am about to immerse myself in it and apply it to a new website in a very competitive niche that I will promote with TS 2.0 only.

I will have the website finished tomorrow and let you know how it goes.

Once again, my sincere gratitude goes out to you guys.

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    Hey congratulations UFO!

    I wanted to win!

    PS. Check your sig.

  • Profile picture of the author adeel-chowdhry
    Did you win it in the WF competition?

    - Haven't got mine yet..I'm in the UK though.

    • Profile picture of the author Richard HAN

      You got your copy already?

      I am eagerly waiting for my copy to arrive. I'm in Singapore.
    • Profile picture of the author greenovni
      Hey guys.

      Yes, I won mine in the competition and received it today (I'm down the street from John).

      I just read add the "loose" pages and the first chapter of the book. The first CD is about to go in

      I am sure that I'm going to bed about 5am.

      To start the first roll of convo.

      I built a conduit website (which I have not uploaded) in anticipation of TS 2.0

      I am going to drive traffic to this website(s?) ONLY as instructed by TS 2.0

      In order to get in the mood, I closed my eyes and pictured myself in my islands in the CARIBE (Google it), listening to dancehall @ the club and being wild with some wild ass chicks of pretty lightly brown color!! (Spanish food anyone?)

      So, my main problem has been traffic (no traffic = low money . . . just a few $1,000s a month) and now, after learning new TS 2.0 tricks and looking @ a picture of John's house and his $35,000 swimming pool, I have decided to blindly follow traffic teachings. (We have GREAT ****** records here)

      (Anyone living like that in Wind***** like John is has my full attention)

      Now I go grab a beer . . . Listen to this wild sh*t and open my eyes to a new world of traffic.

      Yes, if you have not bought or won TS 2.0 - Go do it today! I am SURE it will be worth it.


      PS. A mi amigo de el sur de la frontera . . . Recibi tu PM y me suena muy bien. hablamos de eso la semana q viene?


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