I'm so happy I can bust

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After years of arguing with my webmaster I finally got him to fix my meta and title tags the way I learned from WF and not the crap he learned in college.

I now #1 for one of my main keywords and on page one for most of the rest with decent looking descriptions. Instead of a string of keywords the way my webby had it.

I'm trying to get this guy to join the forum. He could learn so much here in one day.
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    Well, I love to hear that a college education
    did nothing for your webmaster...

    I am completely self-taught and I
    prefer it that way too!

    I hate the thought of paying out thousands to (apparently) get educated!

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    For this industry a college education is not necessarily helpful but for most industries it is very helpful for starting out.
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    Meta tags and Title tags made that much of a difference
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      Originally Posted by clogmoney View Post

      Meta tags and Title tags made that much of a difference
      It made a huge difference overnight but that was after years of link building and article marketing, blogging, pinging, bookmarking.
      It was just the icing on the cake. BTW also some on page keyword tweeking at the same time as the title and meta tags.

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