What's more credible? Google keyword tool or Freewordtracker?

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I've noticed how much the results can vary.

I'm right that wordtracker shows searches per day and google shows searches per month?

Try, "buy a wii". Google shows up to 14k, wordtracker shows...38.

That's just one example. I see a lot fo long tails in word tracker that don't even show up in google.

When we're searching for long tails which get under 10 searches we need to be sure we are getting those searches so it's important that we get the correct information.

What do you think? I've been using wordtracker for my longtails, i'm wondering if they are credible leads? Can they be trusted?
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    Google every time..

    Wordtracker creates it's results from dogpile and other downstream half ass search engines and then inflates the results based on marketshare comparison..

    Stick with Google


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    p.s. You CAN NEVER trust a keyword tool 100%, the best keyword tool is your brain..

    and your stats page...

    You won't really know the power of a keyword until you put it into action... longtail or otherwise it is best to throw it into the ring and then track your results


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      the key here is what people are searching for

      who cares about the numbers long as someone is searching for something

      in most cases the longtails in a high traffic niche is where to go

      lately I am seeing some longtails getting more traffic than the root keywords, just goes to show you people are specific in what they want in that niche

      where people who are typing in a root keyword in most cases are tire kickers

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    The reason i ask is because i also read an article recently that google inflates it's own stats by including other junk like adverts and so on which appear on some websites, something similar to that anyway.

    I've realised, covering long tails can be a lot of work, there's so many.

    I'm currently just picking them out of wordtracker, checking competition with quotes in google search and then double checking them in google keyword tool.

    Can you think of anything else i can add to this process?
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    Very true, i've stopped looking to rank for the generic keyword, they might have a lot more searches but they're worth a lot less. In fact i've had no success with them at all, even when i've ranked highly. But that was just a single niche, i can't speak for all obviously.
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    You want keywords that are profitable, of course you can use tools like google's own kw tool and WT's tool, you should also check the ppc ads and that will indicate if it is worth going after that keyword. Use a couple KW tools and also check the ppc ads, that is my advice on this matter, no single tool will give you all the answers.
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    It was apparently something to do with recording certain non-human searches into the volume of searches.

    But anyway, how do you gain long tails from google keyword tool in the first place?

    I see very few long tails using google keyword tool.

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