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I currently have an issue with a site that I am working on. It currently is getting about 4,000 pages indexed in Google. But overall, there is over 20,000 pages!

Do you have any advice on how I can get the rest of the pages indexed as soon as possible?
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    20,000 pages...well you can buy link from high PR directories and get it indexed. Buy PR 8 and PR 7 links. However, you should be aware that not all of your pages will be published on google result "" if you have 20,000 pages on one site, they might store it in their database, but only show the relevant one on their search engine result page.
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    I just want to bear in mind here that 80% of your traffic is going to come from 10-20% of your pages, and getting too focused on having everything indexed may not be the right strategy.

    Choosing some areas where you can compete and win would probably be more worthwhile.
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      I totally agree dvduval. My only problem is this is for a client who knows nothing about SEO. And as you may already know, it's hard to convince some clients something isn't important when they already have it set in their mind that it is.
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    Maybe you should get your client more focused on traffic and conversions. Get him paying you to setup better analytics of the conversion process, and set some goals for increasing traffic.

    In other words, change the conversation to something more productive.

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