Google Goals Question - Conversion w/ DLGuard

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1) For Google Goals (conversion testing),
I need the GOAL URL such as (thank you page)

BUT...for DLGUARD, the thankyou page CHANGES all the time...

so what would you put for the THANK YOU PAGE?

2) Do you use
- head match
- exact match
- regular expression match

...if you have all your different products in the same directory such as: (1st product) (2nd product) (3rd product)

when I try head match (i think), the conversion rate comes out same for
all since ALL the products are under

anybody know the solution to this?

Appreciate it...


PS...sorry for all these questions but this is the only place
for me to talk to people who know about IM...thanks guys!
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    BJ, If I were you, I would go to the help forums at DLGuard, or email Sam directly, you will receive a very quick response and the most direct answer. Sam explains his product better than anyone else.

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    I asked Sam but he doesn't use google adwords...

    DOES anyone here use google GOALS? I'm sure someone does
    and uses dlguard...

    how do you test your conversions with google goals using dlguard?

    Thanks so much.
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    Hi BJ,

    I did send a reply to your email - I'm not sure what you mean about Point 2, as I haven't used Goals as you mentioned.

    But for the download page, you just put the standard download page link:

    (where is your domain name, and "dlg" is the folder into which you installed DLGuard)

    ...and then make sure you place the Google tracking code directly into the template file.

    This should then work!


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