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Hi All,

Can some one suggest a good forum site or place to look at for JV partners

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    There's a section here on Warrior Forum. I looked around elsewhere a little but I couldn't find anything good that was free to join.
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    If you just google this you'll find out quick enough.

    The best jv's come from word of mouth and direct, clever approach, rather than third party solutions.

    I've found the JV section on the warrior forum to be entirely lackluster and underwhelming, depending on what you need.
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    IMO the best way to find JV partners is to build a rep here and talk via PM with other Warriors.

    George Wright P.S. you don't have to have a LOT of posts to build a rep. Post good questions and helpful answers and you will make good contacts here.

    On the other hand, as John H. said there is a JV section of this forum. If you are bringing something to the table (even if it's only money ) you might make some good JV deals right away in there.

    George Wright
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    u can also check out facebook JV groups...there are many of them. =)


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