Can I "OVER-DO" Article Marketing??

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If I submit 20 articles into a small niche, and they all have backlinks to my site, is this a wise move?

Will I have the chance of flooding the niche with my articles and also get tons of backlinks?

I realize it might be better to go SLOW for SEO reasons.

but can this even HURT me?

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    I would venture to sat that 20 articles would be OK...but I wouldn't say definitely without knowing the niche or seeing the articles and resource boxes.

    But you're probably OK with 20. Just submit one or two a day over a two week period. (or something like that)

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    u can easily over do it, and google could penalize u for backlinks
    but i recommend starting slow and ever so growing larger and larger as time progresses
    and yea 20 articles should be just fine
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    20 articles isn't too many. Especially if you submit them over the course of a few weeks. If you submit them all in one day and get hundreds of backlinks in one day, that might raise a few eyebrows, but I still don't think it will get you banned. You're not doing anything illegal.
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    I think with 20 articles you should be totally fine. no problem. Just make sure you follow Allen's council and make sure that's what your niche needs. good luck!
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    I think Google is looking for sites that start with zero backlinks and go to 1000 in a month, not 20.


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