What's your favorite Warrior Section?

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Hi guys - I've noticed that I spend virtually all my Warrior time in the Main Forum, War Room and WSO sections.

There's a load more on the site - but I never seem to get any great benefit from it.

Do other Warriors find similar - or are there hidden gems out there I'm just not seeing?


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    Yep Main forum and War Room for me also.
    Though I have been coming here more lately to relax so I'm in the Off Topic forum a lot.
    Some of the greatest mind and mindless people are there :rolleyes:

    Other times it depends on what part of a project I'm working on.
    When it involves writing I tend to hit the copy writing forum more then the others. When I'm getting ready to do a sales page its that and the WSO and classifieds forums.
    So I tend to use the whole ball of wax at different times.
    • Profile picture of the author Dixiebelle
      This is my favorite section. I find a GEM in almost every post. Lots of great minds here. Learning more every day. Thanks Warriors!!

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    Definitely the War Room. Then after that the main forum. After that the WSO forum. When I need help in "special areas" the other forums (copywrite forum for example) are great also.

    I spend more time in the main forum simply because there is more here. However for actual benefit the WarRoom hands down.

    George Wright
  • Profile picture of the author Steven Carl Kelly
    The War Room is ridiculously incredible. If the fee to access the War Room was $370 instead of $37 (I wouldn't have paid it, but) it would be totally worth it. Anyone here who hasn't signed up for the War Room is really missing out.

    I can't believe how many products and services and subscriptions and plans and programs that normally sell for $$$ are given away for FREE in the War Room.
    • Profile picture of the author Bruce NewMedia
      Most of the time I am in the Main Forum, then WSO, then Copywriting.....not a member of The War Room, but it sounds like I should be!
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    Well my favorite warrior sections are

    1) Main Internet Marketing Discussion Forum.

    2) Mind Warriors-Success ,Power ,Self-Improvement.
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    My current fave is the funny farm down south.
  • Profile picture of the author SimonRiver
    I spend it on the IM marketing section.
  • Profile picture of the author David Neale
    I like these also;

    Internet Marketing Product Reviews & Ratings

    The Copywriting Forum

    Warrior Forum Classified Ads

    I don't like the WSO forum as much as I used to. More junk to filter through to find the good stuff.
  • Profile picture of the author Sirius Lin
    Pretty much the main forum. I've to keep my nose out of the WSO section before I get tempted to dig into my wallet!

    ~ Sirius

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