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So I might do a WSO soon.

I'll be offering templates.

Before that, I'd like you to check it out.

I'd like to know if you find it easy to edit. (I mean I think it should be... but I can't be sure)

The template is not meant to be a minisite, but a sales letter-page type of template.

I notice that some marketers use sales letter/page rather than a minisite, so I thought I might as well create one that really looks good, clean and elegant.

Oh, It could also be used a optin page. I created an optin graphic box that's supposed to like draw your attention to it when you look at the page.

But, yeah, I'd like to ask for feedback on the ease of editing.

I'm putting up one template here for free.
click here to go to page.

You can use it now, but I'd appreciate some feedback so that I may improve it.

To download, just click on the download button below the optin box.

Thanks in advance.
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  • Profile picture of the author Sean A McAlister

    I could not edit it supposed to b functional for our review?

    • Profile picture of the author JohnDaniel
      Hi Sean,
      What do you mean you couldn't edit it?

      By the way, the template is meant to be opened in Kompozer/Dreamweaver, your HTML editor.
      Then you edit,replace the text, delete stuff, etc.

      Again, just in case, to download:
      Click on the download button below the optin box.
      The template is on a zip file.
      1 - Extract it. And it should contain an index file and the images folder.
      2 - Then open up the index.html file in your html editor.
      3 - Then feel free to check it out if you feel comfortable with it.

      Hmm... I guess what I'm trying to ask is would this work? I mean the template offered that way? Are there stuff needed to be added or fixed to make things easier?

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