Embedding Video - Youtube vs ???

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My question: Is it possible to embed a youtube video on your site and prevent people clicking the video picture and going through to the youtube site? I'm thinking either a parameter I can add to the embed code, or some sort of invisible DIV that would sit over the top 90% of the player, however this also worries me because the initial screen shows a large play icon, and such a div, even if possible would also prevent the video being started!

The reason why: I'm launching an site selling video tutorials. Teach tutorial will have a preview clip. I was originally intending to host the videos on youtube, firstly to simplify the hosting/conversion process - but more importantly to leverage traffic from the youtube site myself.

Since youtube videos are ranked (amongst other factors) on view count I figured that views generated from visitors arriving at my site through PPC, affiliates and organic search would help the placement of my preview clips on the main youtube site.

I'm becoming more and more worried about leaking traffic to youtube. I realise it's possible to disable "related videos" being shown, but I can't find a documented way to prevent people clicking on the video itself and being taken through to the youtube site.

Is there a way to disable this?

If there is no official way, what would you suggest is my best alternative?

Any other sites to consider? Or should I host the videos myself?

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