Have any of you guys tested this OR heard what's good? Email Name...

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You know when you check your email,
YOUR NAME appears on the left like anyone else like:

Joe Johnson
Brad Pitt
Michael Jordan

But I noticed one marketer have his name like
-= Mo Peterson =-

So I started making my name look like
<><> BJ Min <><>

to STAND OUT FROM all the other emails...

Have any of you guys tested this out? I am not a good
tester but it would be cool if you guys test out the emails
with and without those symbols...

I felt <> was catchy to the eye so I did that...

You guys should do this to STAND OUT from all the other emails.
Hope this is a helpful tip...


PS....but I would still like to know if you guys have
heard of any research showing what symbols works the best...
i am not good at testing nor do i know how to test emails (using getresponse)
so if someone could do this...that'd be great
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    I've seen a few people do this, but I don't know how much it helps.

    I think the best thing would be to have people like what you send and look forward to hearing from you, plus use a good subject line.

    One annoying thing for the reader- if you sort your inbox by sender, those symbols will throw that off. If I'm actually looking for Joe Schmoe's emails and he has symbols in front, he won't show up in the Js where I would be looking.
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    anyone test this out? what's the best symbol to get clicks?
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    I notice e-mails from The Rich Jerk always look something like
    -->The Rich Jerk [e-mail subject here]<--
    If he does it, I would guess it works!
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    Nice idea!
    I'm changing my usernames already...
    I'll see what happens then.


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