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As promised, I have done my reviews of the top 7 winners blogs PLUS the 3 winners of the Mystery Prize...

In the review, I touched on:
1. What the blog did well?
2. How it can be improved?
(And anyone, including You, can simply and easily apply the same strategies in your blog. If you do not have a blog yet, it can give you some ideas on how to set up your blog.)


>>>Blog Results (With Prizes)

The blog results are out and here are the results>>>
  1. - Most Useful Hybrid Car Resource Website
  2. - Price Comparison & Reviews on Consumer Electronics!
  4. Chocolate, Chocolate Treats, Chocolate Gifts, Recipes | Chocolate Blog (6th prize $5 - 6 Votes) *prize to be given to Michael - prize given
  5. Mens Fitness TV
  6. House Design Ideas
  7. Blogging Tune - Tips On Blogging, Making Money Online And Internet Marketing(4th prize $7 - 13 Votes) - prize given
  8. Bling Copywriting | Free Online Copywriting Writing Tips for Web Copywriters
  9. Automated Cash Secrets Revealed!(7th prize $5 - 5 Votes) - prize given
  10. Copywriting
  11. (1st prize $50 - 28 Votes) - prize given
  12. Saltwater Fishing Tips and Freshwater Fishing Tips(awarded My Email Course) - prize given
  13. The Pastor’s Helper
  14. “You Quoted”(2nd prize $30 - 23 Votes) - prize given
  15. Best Soccer Blog - World's #1 Soccer Blog - How to Play Soccer - Soccer Tips - Latest News
  16. Web Tech Daily(awarded My Email Course) - prize given
  17. - Erica Douglass shows you how to make millions!(3rd prize $15 - 17 Votes) - prize given
  18. Pretty Garden Tips(awarded My Email Course) - prize given
  19. eMillions — 15 Year Old’s Journey To Become A #1 Best-Selling Author & Make $100,000 … Using The Power of The Internet!(5th prize $5 - 10 Votes) *prize to be given to Michael - prize given
  20. The Autism Child- Help Is Here
***All winners (including the top 7 winners will be awarded My Email Course as a BONUS Prize)


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    Hello fellow warriors , i've been reading your posts/comments etc for a long time . So i wanted to take tips from the best! So something i should mention , im 30 years old im a programmer-digital marketeer and currently im working on 3 eshops same time collection data from competitors , checking product prices all day long, posting on 2 pages on facebook , im doing adwords as google partner and slowly im trying to build backlinks for my seo project .Anyway my real goal is to create my agency. So i wanna start a project(company) that will provide customers with domain-hosting-email marketing-social media marketing-website creation-seo services-logos. Im super confused cause i really have no clue where to start.Should i become a reseller so i can provide hosting to others via a bigger hosting provider? Should i create a website selling services and setting examples of my previous work? IF someone is experienced plz help me with my journey through the dark! Thank you for your time guys <3