Getresponse Sucking at the moment, for anyone else?

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Getresponse is currently taking up to 20 hours to send a broadcast. I know that's how long they say it could take, but it never has done before and has been causing me major headaches recently.

Is this happening for anyone else?
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    I never had a problem with GR but I am only sending small ones... only to few selected people... might make a difference. I don't know
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      I have experienced this with Get Response ever since I started using them. One thing I can say about them though is that they are extremely reliable - at least they have been for me.

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    I haven't had a problem with them and the broadcasts take somewhere between a few minutes to half an hour.

    But it also depends on the size of the list you're mailing to.

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    I have notcexperienced this with Get Response as my list is small.

    However several friends with large lists are having your problem.
    They are asking myself and others to email the times of our receipt of their broadcast to confirm times of receipt.

    It seemsalso depends on the size of the list.
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      It seems also depends on the size of the list.
      On any system, mailing to a large list will take a longer time because of the resources needed to do it.

      And if tens/hundreds/thousands of other are doing the same, or if something or somebody is clogging the system then...


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    We like to think of working on the web as "instant". But the reality is that once you click a button to do a broadcast on GR, Aweber, TrafficWave, or any other AutoResponder system, there are going to be a number of factors including:

    1) The size of your list.
    2) The size of your message.
    3) The number of other messages in the queue.
    4) The settings on the sending company's servers.

    If you are mailing to a large list and you are broadcasting at a time when server load is high, you can expect things to take a little time.

    As you stated, the GR system itself tells you that it could take up to 20 hours to send a broadcast so I'm not sure why there is a question.

    My recommendation: Know that it can take up to 20 hours (as they have stated) and schedule broadcasts accordingly.

    And keep things in perspective. How long would it take you to prepare and send a Direct Mail piece via postal mail? (Not to mention the hard dollar costs).
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      That's awful that you're experinecing such a delay...don't let it ruin your day though. There are worse things that could happen.

      I've been using GR for about a year and I've found them to be responsive to suuport issues (sometimes it takes a lot of explanations to get my point across to them) and my emails always get delivered. The longest broadcast delivery was took about an usually is about 15 minutes...I am a member of all my lists so I can monitor deliveries.

      I'm sticking with them.
  • Profile picture of the author Daniel E Taylor
    20 hours to send a broadcast. thats ridiculous.

    So what if you were trying to tell your list
    "It's starting in 2 hours", they wouldn't get it
    until the next day.

    I don't care how big your list is, a 20 hour delay
    is no good.

  • Profile picture of the author GarrieWilson
    No problem for me.

    Next time, though. schedule it for 15 minutes into the future. I did this before and it went out on time.

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    GR does seem to be experiencing a lag today.

    One way to see how long is to send a "test" message to yourself when creating a broadcast.

    If all is well, this should get to you pretty much instantly.

    However, today, it took over an hour for the test to get through to me.

    GR has been reliable for me 99.9% of the time and I've had my account for over 4 years.

    What sucks today though is that I had to hand-mail a webinar link to a list of 75 people because the messages are taking so long to be delivered in broadcast that the webinar would be over by the time they got it! :-(


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