- do you think this domain is worth much?

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I've just been "cleaning house", so to speak, and I found a few domain names that I haven't used.

I registered this domain name back in 2003, but never really did too much with it.

It's a great domain name, though I'm having trouble thinking of a product to match it

But just curious - those who've sold domain names before, do you think just the name would be worth much?

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    if YOU can't lauch the ultimate autoresponder service from that domain, I don't know who can...
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    Heh, yeah I've been toying with that idea.

    Originally it was going to be a plugin for another script.

    But it lends itself to a LOT of different applications, which is why I'm really hesitant to give it up...

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      don't give it up Sam,

      you'll look back and regret it - especially for the sake of less than $10 per year to renew it.

      Kindest regards,
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      Hi Sam,

      What about a classified site - something like Craigs List - there are lots of classified scripts available (I know theres one on fantastico but I haven't used it) - a traffic builder which should run without too much input after it's been set up.

      When you've got traffic built up you can flip it or sell premium ads?

      As you say - it has too much potential to let it go :-)
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    Following on from the autoresponder service idea...
    as you're a software man.

    You could offer a monthly hosted option, and a D.I.Y version - similar to the sites.

    Two markets in one.
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    Emm, Karl beat me to it with the same kind of ideas.

    Saying that though, with a little time spent, maybe even sending out a survey to your list, I'm sure you could come up with some killer plan! - The 'unlimited' part is GREAT, it's probably what everyone is looking for. When we get to the 'list' part though, it could mean several things!

    ...Anyway, there's a little food for thought from me!

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    It is GOLD - don't give it up.

    You could "park" it on and collect PPC income for zero effort depending on the traffic it is getting. Sedo's control panel will also show how much traffic you get.

    And if you check 'the box' at Sedo, you could get offers for it too (and you won't have to sell).

    Apart from the wording, it is highly valuable beacuse it is "aged". Any half decent domain name that is older than 2 years has value coz it ranks much better than a newly registered one.

    Keep it and if you don't want it the warriors will fight over it

    BTW, you could park any other spare domains you have within the same sedo account and collect PPC income. They "age better" when Sedo put (varying) ads on the page for you than when the domains go to a static page with nothing on it and no change ever.

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    I'd say keep it as well, I can already think of a few ideas I'd use it for. And if you really don't want it, throw it over here! JK
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    If nothing else, you should hang on to it and at least get it to PR 4 in case you decide to sell it later. Put a blog on it and feed it articles to autopost.


    Develop a list building script and run it as a service hosted on the site (something like YLL, etc)

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    Thanks everyone - great ideas!

    I like the idea of putting a blog on it for now, John - boost some rankings. Great thinking!

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      uuuuh the name is BAD...

      You'd be better of just giving it to me.

      Just Kidding...

      I think it's a GREAT Domain! There are so many things that you can do with it for now I'd also go with the blog idea.

      Don't let it go.

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