Why does my site keep re-directing to my another site?

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Hey guys,

I'm no techie but I need you help on this one bad.

My website called:
How to Win Pick 6 - Lottery Tips by Lotto Retailer! (SALES page)

keeps re-directing to my other site How to Win Lotto - Lottery Method Tips by Lottery Retailer!

can you give me any advice on what to do?

i went to everything i could (redirect change, etc...but it still happens).

Any advice?

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    ok...i noticed the forum doesn't show the link...

    my sales page should be:

    www. howtowinpick6.com/0/page02.htm

    it redirects to www. lotterymethod.com

    i put a space after the www.

    can someone help?
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    I didn't get redirected, but your images and links are broken on the page...
    they point to your own hard drive.
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    thanks karl,

    NOT when you subscribe to the list...
    but when you click on the sales page link
    that says /page02.htm

    you don't get redirected to lotterymethod???

    that's weird i keep getting redirected...
    anybody know maybe why for my computer i keep
    getting redirected?

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    funny...when i CLEARED my private data (from mozilla), it started
    to work...

    i dont know why but now it works AFTER i cleared the mozilla data...hmmm
    dont knwo why though

    thanks Karl for your help...i chnaged it back...

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