I'm looking for free software to create a pdf file with my MAC

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I'm looking for free software to create a pdf file with my MAC. Any suggestions?

Thank you
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    Its very easy on the Mac.

    You Open your 'Print' dialog by invoking the Print function for your document. Then click 'Continue' and you will see a 'PDF' button that when clicked displays a drop-down list.

    Select the 'Save' option from this drop-down list and your PDF is created for free on the Mac.

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    Sean is right, no need for special software with a Mac.

    If you want a great resource for finding software both Free and Paid, here's the best site I've found yet, besides Apple.

    Pure Mac: Software for Macintosh

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    Hi Bjorn: You can create up to five free .pdf documents online at the Adobe site via their free trial offer. I think the monthly subscription after that is about $10 a month.


    And, as mentioned above, using the printer function creates excellent pdf files.

    If you have iWork (I think it costs about $89 USD) you can create some amazing pdf documents - plus lots of other goodies as well. It is a terrific program.

    I also use Photoshop Elements to create and edit .pdf files - again, not a free program, but a good one.

    P.S. Thanks for the link, Pat!

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