Automatic Paypal Email After Purchase? Help Needed!

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I've just launched a product in the WSO and hit on a snag re Paypal. Basically I have set it up so that everything runs on automatic - you purchase, you get redirected to a downloads page, you download the item.

Which is great, but obviously not everyone waits for the redirection to the downloads page - so to counter that I am emailing them the PLR as soon as I (or more accurately my brother as he is staying with me and has the time) see their paypal details.

That is, as you can image, far from ideal. i have been playing around with Paypal to see if there is a way of sending an automatic email after purchase with the PLR articles attached - but I don't see how it is done.

Now I am sure I have had those emails from people I have purchased from in the past - anyone know how to set it up? The help part of their site is not forthcoming and it seems my Googling skills have deserted me!

(p.s. have tried the search function here as well, no one wants to be a help vampire!)


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    Hmm....not sure. You could pass people through a squeeze page on your thank-you page forcing them to enter their email to receive the product...and then send it to them immediately via autoresponder? At least you're building a buyers list this way.

    I guess I never though it was that big of a problem to worry about...I launched my first WSO a while back and of the 40 people that bought, only 1 emailed me saying she didn't get the download link.

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    why not use e-junkie or similar script to automate this?
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    Another one to consider is the Rapid Action Profits script. It sends out an email automatically after the purchase is made, in case they miss getting to the download page for some reason.

    Does a whole lot more, but this is what you asked about.


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      IPN - Instant Payment Notification - is probably what you want. Paypal will ping a URL on your server with some info, and you then programmatically ping them back to get the order details. Once you have those details, you can send out the appropriate email with appropriate files or anything else.

      This is the approach I use with my PDF magazine sales and it's nearly flawless. I use it with Google checkout too, and have more problem with Google checkout than Paypal.

      A friend of mine wrote this book - - on paypal/php integration. Might be useful for you in your dealings as well.

      Michael Kimsal - for article writers

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