Anyone else suffering from info overload???

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I read a post by Justin Brooke about how he dreams about IM.
I too can't stop thinking on methods that could make me money online, the only problem i put one into half actions and another idea pops into my head. I have even got in the habit of keeping a note pad close by.

I think i am suffering from information overload!!!!

Right now i have tried to make my sun into a promo day for a site i want to flip but have hit a brick wall because i dont know where to start. If i had the money to outsource my job would be so much easier, UGH!!!

I have been trying this IM thing for about 2 years now and i feel i have a wealth of info in my head but i am really struggling to make this work for me. But as my sig says, i wont be giving up even if it kills me, or my head explodes.

Anybody else feel the same as me???
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