How I Just Pulled off an 83k Product Launch Using Mass Control

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I studied mass control, traffic secrets, product launch formula and applied what I learned. My purpose with this post is to start a discussion on launches and marketing and ask any questions about what I did - or even my niche. I've been marketing in this niche for ten years so can provide a lot of information on it. Maybe this post will inspire someone to start working.

The IM world to me is pretty incredible. I knew nothing about it until earlier this year when a friend of mine introduced me to Kern and the WarriorForum. I know so many people in my niche that market for their business but most just use the same tactics and there is so much I've learned by reading and watching people in the IM niche its amazing in hindsight.

The IM niche is much smaller than most people realize, especially when I compare it to the stock market or investing niche, but the best markets are in IM and they use techniques that probably aren't put to use in other niches. So anyone who can succeed in IM can dominate outsite of that niche.

Just put the customer first. Provide the maximum value you can for them and present it in a compelling manner for them - and if you can do both in ways no one inside your niche can you will dominate. That's what I've learned to do. Makes you more money and makes the customers more happy.

But I sent this email to Frank Kern as I've learned so much from his Mass Control Course and videos over the past ten months and see it as instrumental in having this success - it explains what I just did yesterday:

Frank, I just did an 83k continuity non-IM launch in the shittiest time for my niche you can imagine - stock market niche. The stock market is crashing and I just sold out a continuity launch in the trading nichet!

Thank you! Your material has changed my whole business!

I bought Mass Control off of someone several months ago and am a member now of your mass control monthly. Next time you sell something I'll be buying or have a seminar I'll pay to go.

Have been running my subscription site - for almost ten years now and totally revamped it and changed my marketing over the past few months.

I used to do what everyone in my niche does - send out emails telling people to buy their service to get their stock picks that are going to go up. Old Dan Kennedy style direct mail marketing techniques.

But I got sick of doing this. Found that you would get people to sign up because of the hype and that started the relationship on a bad foot with the customers and then ti would piss a good number of people on the list that didn't sign up. And everyone in the niche does it that way. I wanted to break away and do something different - I believe my product is better than just about anyone else - but didn't know how to get that across, especially since the old style direct mail through email does work, but if you market the same way everyone else does then how can they know that.

So I stopped doing it a year ago and just let the site run with the current members. But a friend introduced me to you from you first launch after it happened and I followed all of your prelaunch material then bought the course from someone.

The very first thing I heard from you was the your presentation of how the internet is different than direct mail and any other kind of marketing - and that was like a revelation right there that got me thinking and pointed in the right direction. I was looking for someone right then to put the pieces together in your presentation and you did it.

Then with the course I understood how you do your launches. Also bought product launch formula, traffic secrets, stompernet to get your bonus on making vidoes with your affiliate links. But your material has been key.

In fact I just did the launch today and am totally blown away by the results.

Here is the deal the stock market just had its worst day EVER two days ago. Friends told me to delay the launch! No way.

Because of the crappy market my open rates have dropped down. But no delay. My whole goal isn't to make as much money as I can right now but to sell out and build a foundation for the next launch.

I have a list of 6k new people that have signed up in the past few months.

Said we got 300 open spots.

I did three videos:

watch these two to get an idea:

These two are to give them good info plus little bonding - everyone on wall street wants to wear suits and put on a show and I just act like myself, so through my free letters and videos I am totally unique from anyone in my niche:

On the BoardWalk | WallStreetWindow

Then this one was the last one before the launch - it is similar in spirit to your naked dudes video, try to get them in synch with their feelings and desire for expierence, if you only watch one of these videos watch this one:

From the Melting Pot to the Financial Capital of the World & A Little FAQ | WallStreetWindow

Ok now here is what is insane. Because of the stock market I'm getting lower open rates then normal. But I had a 41% conversion rate for my launch sales page.

41% of the people who clicked the email today to sign up became a paying customer.

That totally blows me away.

And here is the other thing that blows me away.

Through this whole process I got one angry email. Not a single email about people saying this is hype, or this is a tricky sales technique. No complaints like that - which were pretty common in the past when I did what everyone else in my niche did to hammer the people and get them to buy.

No I got one email from some guy cursing because he couldn't get his credit card to process.

For me I got more work to do. Just get more people in my opt-in funnel. Start an affiliate program. But today shows me that the sky can literally be the limit.

Thanks Frank. Sure you have helped lots of other people and I know from doing what I do - being a guru I guess you can say - that I know not everyone applies what you say or listens. But your stuff works and you are worth what you charge. People just have to apply it,
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    First question: how much support and communication with customers were required to achieve your goals? You said putting people first was most important. I assume that means you supported them both before and after the sale, right? What was your time commitment to do that?
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    In my service I write a long article about once a week and then a short article every morning. This is a full time job for me - trading, writing, talking with other trades, researching, marketing etc.. As for customer support issues I do about 15 minutes a day of that normally, because I have about 1,000 customers. With the launch that will probably go up to 30-60 minutes a day for 1-2 weeks.
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    Inspirational story!!! Much success to you in the future!!
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    Mike thats a great story...I've been to your site before and listened to most of your complimentary market info. IMO you're a totally authentic trader and a superb teacher.
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    Thanks for the comments. One of the biggest things I've learned in my niche - and it applies to all of them I'm sure - is that people tend to sell the same item/service in the same way. I personally believe mine is better than 99% of the others in my niche but marketed the same way the biggest players in my niche do. The launch method though enables me to differentiate myself from them, because no one in my niche does it that way. And I believe it is better for the customers because I can deliver a message to them that isn't all hyped up. So this launch business seems to be really common in the IM world, but I don't see it happening anywhere else so that is a big opportunity for people here.

    Looking at this site and consuming some IM products gives me the feeling that most niches are really focused on themselves and don't pay attention to what other niches are doing.

    For instance the standard model in the stock market niche is a subscription product - the most common being a monthly pdf newsletter that is emailed to people. Now it looks like Stompernet, Filsaim, Kern are going for monthly progams - which is something I've always seen people do. This isn't to put down IM people at all just the opposite - I've learned so much by looking at them. But there is probably a lot to be learned in studying a leader in a niche and breaking down what they are doing. Look at the influence Eban Pagan Double Your Dating has had.
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    What a cool story Mike. I too have some of the best courses and am breaking them down to do my own thing.

    What most people do is buy a course, read it and think that they will be up an running in a few hours when that is not the case.

    I am glad to hear that you took the time necessary to make it work for you.

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      Congrats Mike!

      You're what the French call "Bad Ass".

      You've definitely worked your ass off and deserve that type of
      a payday. I remember a few years ago when I was trading full
      time and you were still cranking away with your newsletters.

      That's awesome.

      Go enjoy!
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    41% conversion is truly unbelievable! Congrats on your success -- and thanks for sharing. Very inspiring!
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    Just to clarify thats not a conversion from the email list but for unique visitors that came to the sales page from the email list. I spent a lot of work making a good sales letter, but I think it was the whole process itself that made it convert that high.
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      Wow that's pretty awesome cash flow in such a short timeframe Mike. You mentioned building a foundation to lead up to your next product launch. Seeing how well you did with this latest product soon would you do your next one and how frequently?
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    Hi Mike,

    I've just sent you a PM to ask you something.

    That's a great story btw...will you be launching new products in different niches using the mass control method or just carry on carving out a bigger piece of the stock market investment pie?

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    Congrats on your success & thank you for sharing your story.

    Best wishes,

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    I'm just going to stick in the stock market. Not looking to do other niches.
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    Now you are famous. Frank is using your example in his latest video.
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    Yeah, I just watched that video and this here's the same testimonial.
    Now Frank Kern's going to be even more loaded!

    I only wish I had enough funds to be able to get in on Mass Control

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      I was just wondering if this isn't the guy Frank
      was talking about in his video.

      Awesome work dude...

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      Originally Posted by Asher View Post

      Yeah, I just watched that video and this here's the same testimonial.
      Now Frank Kern's going to be even more loaded!

      I only wish I had enough funds to be able to get in on Mass Control


      You didn't think this post was just a coincidence did you? It's mass control baby!

      Great story Mike!
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    Wow a truly inspirational post. keep up the good work. The videos I really like, simple but to the point.

    nice job
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    Funny how this same post ended up in Kern's Mass Control pre-sell video today.

    That's Mass Control in action, folks...and look how many people have probably paid the $1997 for the course today?
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    You have a site about stocks yet make a statement like "Here is the deal the stock market just had its worst day EVER two days ago."

    Where were you in 1987? Ever heard of 1929?

    And nobody else noticed that crazy claim?
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      Originally Posted by Chris Lockwood View Post

      You have a site about stocks yet make a statement like "Here is the deal the stock market just had its worst day EVER two days ago."

      Where were you in 1987? Ever heard of 1929?

      And nobody else noticed that crazy claim?
      He's referring to the fact that the Dow and S&P both had their biggest single day point-drop on the same day. It was the worst day for those two indexes point-wise. Obviously everyone knows about Black Monday and 1929. His post was about succeeding with a stock market product despite a historically significant fall on Wall Street, and that fact is more than supported by the events of 9-29-08. It's true two indexes do not make up the whole of the stock market, but why split hairs when his point is made regardless.
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    Yeah noticed the video Kern put up yesterday. Its just a coincidence. I sent him the email Weds night after I sold out. He emailed the next day asking if he could use it as a testimonial. Had no idea he was going to use it as part of his launch the next day. Was pretty cool, got a lot of traffic to the site from him doing that.

    Saw Reese, Moffatt and others sent it out to their lists to

    That is one thing that is striking about the IM niche. The stock market niche most people do not work together at all. There is a real mindset of scarcity it seems where people are afraid that if they send you a customer they will lose one, which is nonsense.

    The IM niche is much smaller than the stock market niche. Way smaller. But the top people in it make more money, because they are better marketers and by work together they magnify their efforts.
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      Hi, Mike,

      I can't say thanks enough for writing your launch story! Like everyone else, I saw Frank's 'emergency' video and thought (sigh) here comes the social proof. But hey, guess what, you're 'real'. It's really great of you to have posted on the WF.

      The best of luck to you! And to everyone else (myself included), no excuses -- get moving!

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    This was a great thread to read and I thank everyone for participating. It has given me plenty of food for thought.

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