How are you managing your usernames and passwords?

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I'm finding these are beginning to proliferate now, how are you organizing yours? Presently I'm keeping mine in hotmail, and assuming that Microsoft can keep that account secure...
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    Roboform. I love my Roboform. How did I live without Roboform? Roboform has taken over my hands and is making me type glowing testimonials.

    Save a few bucks here.
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      Have to second that - I love Roboform and wish to marry it, that's how much it has improved my life online - especially love taking all my passwords, etc with me to someone else's computer with Roboform on the go (or whatever it is called LOL), brilliant.

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    I can say Roboform has totally saved my life from stress. One year ago I probably wasted at least 30 minutes ? No.. I think more like an hour typing passwords, finding the passwords , worst of all requesting new passwords in case I forgot them, witch was the case quite often. Do buy Roboform it is great. @
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    One more vote for roboform here, one of the absolute best pieces of software I own!
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      Next to DLGuard, I'd have to say that Roboform was my 2nd best investment
      that I've ever made.

      It is a total life saver and a no brainer to get.
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    Another vote for Roboform. Easy to use, updates are on time and easy to backup.

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    Any time this topic comes up, a good number of Warriors scream...


    That's because it's easy, convenient and reliable. You can get a lifetime copy for around $40 (last time I looked it was less). It runs on your browser menu as a taskbar and includes the ability to generate passwords on the fly. If you're worried, you can create a backup and print out all your passwords to include the web sites & all your usernames.

    Definitely a great piece of software.

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    Wow, you should all be making money now RoboForm Affiliate System :: Details
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    I confess, I'm old fashioned. I write them in a notebook.
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      I agree with Yellowlights. I keep a small notebook - but with one hitch:

      I know shorthand.

      So my user names and p'words are not exactly plain to the vast majority of would-be hackers. Even dh can't read them!

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    I write down my information in an address book. I have done that for quite some time - After my first computer crash to be exact. When it all goes, you are up a creek.

    An address book is not too hard touse but does wear out from time to time.

    The only caution is to not leave it where someone could get it you would not want to. But all I have here is family, so it is not a problem.

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      Roboform - Do I hear an echo???

      It's not good just for having passwords in one place, but it makes things alot faster.

      I put off getting it for a long time, tried it, and realized it saved time.
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    Another one for Roboform! I'd be lost without it.
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    Man, with all these votes for Roboform, I'm starting to think I'm missing out on something

    Going to check it out!

    ~ Sirius
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    Another Roboform fan here. I honestly don't know what I would do without it...

    Actually I do know what I would do without it - I'd waste a few hours every week looking up passwords.
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    I used to use a spreadsheet, but after 200+ accounts it was just getting insane.


    Solomon Huey
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      Roboform for sure.

      One of those things you buy, setup and use, then wonder how you ever managed without it.

      Very good piece of software.
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    I keep my usernames and passwords in a notebook and i use the same unique usernames and same easy passwords for almost all my accounts on the net.

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    I write them down in a notebook initially using codes and then I memorise them. I'm usually very good at memorising the 30-40 passwords that I currently use every day, but after I've been on holiday for a few weeks or a month, it's not always so easy.
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    I also use RoboForm and I have its travelling version as well. The only problem is that now and then I run into a website that RoboForm does not seem to work with, even though I got the "Save Passowrd" prompt from RoboForm. In that case I either depend on my memory or go to the Options in RF and look up the password there.
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    Another RoboForm user. Couldn't work without it.
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    I use robofom. It's the most valuable piece of software I have on my computer. I'd rather delete dreamweaver and start handcoding my sites than not having roboform. :-)

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    I also use Roboform. It helps keep me organized which in turn helps with my productivity as I am not continually searching for user names and passwords, they are all in the one place and accessible via a mouse click. I would be lost without it.
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    A humungous vote for Roboform for me. For example, I just type "ebay" into the Roboform search box and press enter, then in seconds my browser takes me to ebay, enters my username/password and logs me in!

    In fact I don't even have to type in "ebay", I could just type "eb.." and it will search for anything starting with "eb.." and then hit enter when I see ebay on the list.. etc.. REAL TIME SAVER!


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    is it safe in your email? i store mine in memory as il never loose them there!
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      Yip, it's another vote for RoboForm....

      Only recently started using still figuring some of
      the features out....

      But it's a really kewl program...



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