What would you do with this domain name?

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Months ago I purchased a really nice domain name for my local MLB baseball team, the Tampa Bay Rays. Back then, they sucked, but suddenly they are really good and have a quickjly growing audience. I actually forgot I had it until last night!


Someone approached me offering me $2000 for it! But after I did a little research, I have realized I can get a considerable amount more than that since they are now in the playoffs and are speculated to be a great team for the next few years.

So here's my question - Would you sell it, or would you take the chance of putting time and energy into it and develop a website for it, then monetize it?

WHat would you do? I love the team and follow them closely, so the website wouldn't be a problem. Thing is, I could make a quick buck without doing any work!

Finally, what is the best place to try and sell a website for a predetermined price?

Allen Graves
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    Take the money. We are in trying times. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
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    Develop a website, add value to it, monetize it and you have a monthly earner on your hands. If ever you decide to sell it you can command a good revenue multiple as your selling price.

    Since you love the team then content wouldn't be a problem and you will have the added advantage of enjoying what you write.

    Just my 2c.


    p.s. http://www.Sitepoint.com/marketplace would be a good place to sell websites.
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      I'd flip it.... Besides you forgot about it... it's like finding 20 hundred dollar bills doing the laundry! lol

      Pocket $1900 and spend $100 buying ten more similar ones...

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    I would give Ray his watch back!
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    I am also currently holding a potential goldmine domain name waiting for "momentum" to strike. What I've done is put a website, put some unique content, it now ranks on page 1 on Google. Now I am sure when it gets more buzz, its value will skyrocket.

    So I guess it's totally up to you, if you're a high risk type of investor, hold it for awhile and develop it. Or if you feel you absolutely will have no time to actually develop it (like what already happened to you in the last months), the best way is to let it go now and invest $2k in other ways.
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    give you time. Like next season playoffs. If proven hot, don't sell it
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    A few months ago, I would have said sell it... but that would have been based on personal financial circumstances.

    If you have money in the bank and are not reliant on the $2k, I would spend a FULL $1k to develop the site into a portal and community site for Rays fans...

    Monetise it with ticket sales, memorabilia etc.

    Approach their sponsors to see if they would consider sponsoring your site, or advertising on it.

    There is so much you could do with it.
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    This question of domain valuation and monetization has literally arisen several times this last day or two more son than usual (I think).

    Here are a few of thos places with good info:



    In the latter there is info about how you cna park the domain at Sedo.com ... wait for offers (that you don't have to take) while Sedo put PPC ads in front of your traffic and pay you nice check or paypal deposit every single month depending on the traffic level.

    And you can repoint the domain when you're ready.

    But Allen, I'd say "focus" is a key assett of all successful people. I mean don't you think all successful people get offers of "once in a lifetime opportunity" all the time! But the remain focused.

    You can enjoy your team and your new pot of cash while remaining focused on your main activities. Every new niche has its learning curve and THAT delays success.

    In conclusion I'd say park it temporarily at Sedo (for a couple of weeks) to see what traffic you're getting (with Sedo's stats) and potentailly you'll get offers too. Then decide ... but I'd say sell at a good price.

    BTW, Sedo will also allow you to list in their auction too. And to follow up the good suggestion above about "local marketing" you can do some Craigslist ads to tap into the local market but point them to Sedo to generate more interest especially if you start an auction at Sedo.

    SitePoint.com is probably the place you'll get the highest offer besides Sedo. Generally DigitalPoint is good if you want to buy cheap stuff inc domains.

    Oh, one final point ... with your skills you should be able to do a few good press releases that get picked up by your local media and THAT will generate a heck of clamour for buying the domain off you.

    Finally, you could list yourself on RTIR (Radio & Television Interview Report)


    Then others including Radio & TV stations will contact you to interview you. May be even your local Radio or TV!!

    Have fun & Good luck

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