Marketing with You Tube? Share your success please

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I am currently having a video done for my diet site and plan to put out there for circulation.

My question is how successful have any of you been with using video promoting your site via you tube?

Please tell me your success, made lots of $$, just a little and any tips or tricks that I should avoid..

Thanks for your comments in advance..

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    Making your first video and getting it up on YouTube is a great start and congrats on that!

    I would try to put up several more videos besides the one video.

    Also you can make videos of products that your promoting as an affiliate and put in your affililiate link in the first part of the description to get sales.

    Theres a Warrior in here that has been doing that quite successfuly with products he promotes including some of my products.

    Frank Bruno
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      Hey Rachelle,

      Give it a shot. I've had moderate success with YouTube videos without much effort at all, but there are so many variables. You really won't know until you try.

      I watched a video a few weeks ago about the guy who had his year old cheesburger video that took off, but I believe he said it didn't get many views for a couple years. Then one day just took off.

      It's a gret viral traffic method, but probably shouldn't be your only one. Like Frank said, you'll want more than one video.
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    Rachelle - who did you get to make the video for you? I wish to do this too and want to out-source it.

    Would you please PM it to me if you don't wish to put it on the forum?

    Thank you - Melanie
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      Thank you SO much for that link! This is GREAT!

      I feel like I just got a really great christmas present! teehee


      thanks again - Melanie

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