Right when you are about to quit...

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When you starting your business it seems as if every hurdle possible is thrown at you. Around every turn a new obstacle. Sometimes you bash right through and never look back.

Other times it seems as if all your hard work has paid off and you are on the final stretch and you are going to come in first.

It is in these times when you are so close and it seems like you are given a challenge that you can not overcome, that you need to rise up and refuse to quit.

It is right then that you have the choice to either lie there in defeat, or choose to rise up and finish.

I found this video and hope it will inspire you as much as it did me...

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    Hi Shannon,

    Great video... it shows the determination to at least complete the race.

    Even though he could have been down and out, he (with his
    father's help) found it in him to complete the task at hand!

    Great find, very inspiring!!!

    • Profile picture of the author GailTrahd
      That's such a great video. I am inspired by the tales of athletes who compete in events that take them years to prepare for and then at the last minute - they dig deep and find it to finish. Like when Greg Louganis hit his head on the high dive in 1988 or Kerri Strug's vault in 1996 Atlanta Olympics with two torn ligaments in her ankle and she stuck the landing.

      They are inspiring.
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    I saw that news on the television but thanks for posting the video here.

    I can understand how something like that must feel. Ever since I decided to make a living online, there has been many ups and downs.

    I have failed but learned from my failures.

    I have had success and I know that since I will never quit that my success will only continue.

    I have found that the hardest part of online marketing for me has been not in finding what works but what works for me as well as keeping focused.

    I have begun to understand that for myself I need to get in and get out of projects or they may never get finished.

    It honestly took me almost quitting to realize enough about my nature to get moving on the right track, finally!

    I will say this - With all the starts, stops and in betweens, I have learned a whole lot of things completely and some things partially. You could say that I have become a jack of all trades or a sort.

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