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I want to see a vote...
on what colors you like the best for a BLOG?

Mine is red or blue...

has anyone seen research on WHAT COLOR IS the best for blogs?

i know red is the color to make people want to eat
that's why mcdonlads and all thos fast food places are red & yellow
#internet marketing #blog #color
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    stupid question
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      Originally Posted by callmestrip View Post

      stupid question
      There are no stupid questions, just wrong answers... lol
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      gotta be pink!
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      Originally Posted by callmestrip View Post

      stupid question
      Forget about these trolls.

      Now as for color, the most important thing is to have a good contrast between your text and background.

      Never use nauseating themes and very bright neon like colors.

      Blue or Grey is always a safe choice for a professional websites, but use your judgment.

      Build the site, post a link, and get some opinions.

      Good luck!
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    stupid answer
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    It's a very subjective question. As for me, I don't really spend too much time thinking about the color of my blog. If I see a theme I like and it's suitable for the topic, I will just go ahead and use it. Keep it simple...
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    I think that you should use neon green and neon purple. And make sure that you have them blinking in as many graphics as possible. Look up "Japanese Seizure Robots" for a good example of what to do with a blog.
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    Blue is hugely popular, and white.

    I think it was Gary Halbert who said you should use black text on a yellow field.

    Ultimately, though, I think color is less important than content, as long as it's sufficiently high contrast that it can be read.
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    gary halbert said black text on yellow field?

    so yellow background is cool too? that sounds strange
    because most people have white color background
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    blue and white or even green for refreshment.
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    I feel the best is to have a white background and black/ dark grey text for easy reading. =)

    The color is really dependant on your theme, your niche and your readers.

    Be reader-focused. Yes, you can have the color that you want. But what if it is a mismatch. =)

    My 2 cents.

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    I agree with John. Your color theme doesnt matter, but make sure the text is black on a white background for readability.

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