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Hi Warriors.

I just came across a dillema and I need your help here.

So I'm providing this custom video service and I offer a wide choice of various packages (at least 5 at the beginning)...

How do you think I should do the site layout?

a) One paged salesletter with general benefits and general salesletter plus benefits and description for each package. All on the same page.

b) Have a page with all the packages and have a seperate salesletter page as the index page

c) E-commerce style index page with some benefits, testimonials, basic info and links to pages like "Sales Video" "Video Trailers" etc etc and have a seperate small salesletter for the packages

d) Describe your idea here

Also if I do a multi page salesletter should I give away the price in the main salesletter or only when the user clicks to see the packages?

Your help is really appreaciated, Thank you!

Chris Willow
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    Perhaps someone has any experience with multi page salesletters?
    I am asking because i feel i need the multi page design...

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    I think that a) would be the best. the simpler the better
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    What worries me is that single page is not simple at all considering at least 5 packages with seperate benefits&videos there


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