5 Viral Marketing Tips To Help Make Money Like It Grows On Trees! Pick Those Dollars Like Apples. ;)

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1. Make a free e-book and put your affiliate links in it for useful products. E-Mail the e-book to your friends, co-workers, list, etc... Upload it to torrent sites and file sharing sites. If you provide useful information, the e-book will be spread by everyone that reads it!

2. Have a blog, website, or mini-site? Put a tell-a-friend box at the top right corner. If you got some good stuff, people will want to tell their friends and family about it but they might not take action. Having a box will say "Hey, look at me... it's so easy to let your friends know about this site!". Friends tell their friends and their friends tell their friends. That's what viral is all about.

3. Create a cool video on YouTube that people will WANT to watch. The magic happens in many different ways:
  • Your video could make it to the most viewed, most favorited, featured, or all of those sections.
  • There's a share link underneath every video making it easy for viewers to e-mail and tell their friends about the video (I use it ALL the time).
  • People can embed a video of their choice into any website or blog. YouTube also makes it easy to add a video to your Myspace or Facebook profile.
4. This one should be first because article marketing is a big part of what I do. Submit articles to all the major article directories! The article directories are there for a variety of reasons and one of them is to provide free content for people who want or need it. Your article could be published by a big blog or website with tons of traffic! (it doesn't matter how much traffic they get, any traffic is GOOD TRAFFIC) And remember, they are required to give proper credit to you and keep your resource box at the bottom with your affiliate links!

5. Tell people about your stuff. (don't spam) There are so many ways:
  • E-Mails (Mailing Lists)
  • Instant Messages
  • Text Messages
  • Phone Calls
  • Hand out business cards to EVERYONE.
  • Post social networking bulletins, events, announcements, etc..
  • Update your social networking status often on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, etc... Attract attention.
  • Converse with people at various events, conventions, etc...
  • Use forum signatures to your advantage (lots of forums allow advertisements in them).
  • Setup your RSS feed on your blog.
  • Submit your blog, individual posts, YouTube video, website, etc... to social bookmarking sites.
  • Comment on other blogs, videos, social bookmarks, etc...
  • Work on building your list, use it to your advantage.
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    pretty informative post, thanks mate.
  • Profile picture of the author Aaron Moser
    Great work Michael,

    Thanks for sharing!
  • Profile picture of the author Michael Dominic
    You're welcome guys!

    If anyone has any different viral marketing strategies or ideas, feel free to post them in here!
  • Profile picture of the author Michael Dominic
    Does anyone have any unique viral ideas they would like to contribute?
  • Profile picture of the author Kelly Verge
    Both RAP and the $7 script are somewhat viral in nature/results.

    Also, if you include a way for people to rebrand a PDF (a percentage of the links), they will work harder at spreading it.
  • Profile picture of the author Mark Alexander
    Has anyone had better results with selling their ebook for $7 vs giving the book away for free (in relation to getting an increase in traffic)??

  • Profile picture of the author alfa_375
    This is very timely post, I need for my new report, which I just finished.

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