Would you share your methods?

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Lets say you were making $1 million a year online. Would you create an info product detailing exactly how you do it or would you just keep quiet and continue with what you were doing?
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    keep quiet
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      I would provide that information to my higher end clients that pay for coaching and training.

      Frank Bruno
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    That depends entirely on whether revealing your methods will cost YOU money and sales. If so - no. That's why a lot of people, myself included, tend to be close to the vest about what affiliate products sell well for them. I'll talk about my methods in general terms, but I won't create more competition for myself.
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    No i don't think I would either to be honest.

    I guess it all depends, there are a lot of variables.

    I'd like to say that I would share the secrets if it wouldn't create any extra competition etc, but i think I'd probably be far too busy enjoying my income to be taking on extra project lol.

    Good question though...

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    I don't know if I would detail my exact methods, but I would certainly share some of them...probably for a small fee
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    Yes, and am working on it. Like was mentioned above, most people will never follow through. Most niches are so swamped that they would not hurt my biz. And if you really share, with out any greed factor, you may find some great JV partners that can expand your market, your ideas, your whole scope of income possibilities, and really get into some wealth.

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