What Would You Buy?

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With all the new IM product launches happening recently I want to know one thing.

What would you buy? If you could only buy one product, what one would you buy?


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    A google phone
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    In all honesty I wouldn't buy any of them...

    If you have a working business and a business plan that works for you, I find generally that you'll be better off ignoring all the launches.

    It's pretty easy to get into a habit of buying each "next big thing", when, to be honest you'll probably make more money by ignoring them and spending the time working on a new project etc.

    That's been my experience anyway...

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      I'd buy my missus some flowers and spend more time on my business.. If I could only buy one product then I would have to really consider what I am doing wrong



      p.s. Traffic Secrets (2) was the only one that was valuable
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      I agree with the_writer. I am dead guilty of spending thousands of dollars on software, ebooks, and courses that I've never used! Makes me sick to my stomach thinking about it.

      Unless you have specific plans to put the new purchase into action and resolve to do it, then hold off and focus on your daily tasks.

      But I agree... it's a neverending wave of new stuff coming out. And a lot of it looks good to me. No way I could ever apply even 20% of it though.
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    Save your money and invest it in your business. I have worked on the Internet for five years now and I have in that time only bought a handful of products and those were pieces of software.

    Basically if your running your business properly and have a system in place then you don't need any of the many products that are sold daily on the Internet.

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