how do you make $1000 in 24 hours starting with nothing?

by Daniel Adams 159 replies
Ok Warriors, question for you:

What is the best way to make $1000 cash in your paypal within 24 hours starting with nothing but your bare hands (no startup capital, no website, no list, no connections)?

Obviously it's not a WSO because you need $57 to list it. The cheapest shared host & domain combination might set you back $20-30. Even aweber costs $1 for the initial trial.

I looked at people selling PLR article packages on DP Forums---and the sellers are bumping their own threads and lowering their prices bc nobody is biting or even looking.

I KNOW this has been done before. Your thoughts? Is there an old thread here or on another site with answers?

Remember a lot of lurking newbies will probably bookmark this. Discuss...
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    The only way I can think of this is social media or forums straight to the aff domain in multiple niches.
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    If you start with absolutely nothing and you have 24 hours to make a 1000 bucks, it's not possible.

    SEO takes time, article marketing takes time, everything takes time.

    It's a business and it takes time to setup.

    EDIT: Is there a way? Maybe but I am not sure of it. Yeah you can go off and spam people on forums and Google Groups and it might work but people are getting used to all that and they don't fall for that kinda stuff anymore.

    “The first draft of anything is shit.” ~Ernest Hemingway

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      Well I think it is possible, but it takes knowledge and a lot more confidence than most people (including me) have. I am absolutely convinced that if Jay Abraham was suddenly broke and nobody knew him, he could easily make many thousands in 24 hours. As he said: "it's all about your own liberated sense of possibility, nothing more". Of course he was talking about JVs in general, and I assume you mean in using IM.

      Using IM to make it from nothing, I agree with Louise (hi Louise), you'd probably better do it with a service offering. If you can write really sizzling sales copy, find someone with reasonably deep pockets that's got a so-so sales page-then rewrite the first half of it, or just offer several great tips for improving it, and contact them, with the offer to finish the job for a grand.

      Or if you're great at social media marketing and can write good content quickly, find a hot product to sell as an affiliate in your favorite hot niche, and whip up 2 great free reports related to the product. Promote one of your reports like crazy using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and whatever else you use, to get people to download the report. Then present them with your OTO, in which they can buy the product with your other free report as the bonus-if the report is attractive enough, and the salescopy sizzles, you should get a bunch of sales, hopefully 1K worth.

      Obviously these methods take serious skills and knowledge and confidence, but if you have those, you can make 1K in 24 hours imo without money, a list or a reputation.

      Side note to Telegram Sam: I don't understand why you bother posting in a thread that you think is stupid, just to say it's stupid. It kind of reminds me of people that cruise youtube videos of musical performances, just to post comments insulting the performers. I always tell them life is too short-instead of finding things you don't like and trashing them, why not seek out what you do like and enjoy it.

      Seems not too cool to me to tell people their thread is stupid, and I think you're taking the OP a little too seriously. Daniel wasn't suggesting that this is a good business model, but it is a challenging question, and entertaining. Not every thread has to be about the best way to market. Just my 2 cents.
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      Originally Posted by mohammad111 View Post

      If you start with absolutely nothing and you have 24 hours to make a 1000 bucks, it's not possible.
      RUBBISH! sorry, that's maybe a bit strong, but honestly that's bunk!

      I did a pre-launch for a website targeting an offline niche. I had an idea, a concept, keyword research and a domain name in mind. I brain stormed for quite a few hours, developed my offer and my price. Figured out my USP and practised a spiel.

      I made 4 appointments on the first day and came home with three cheques for $599 each - needless to say Bloke was incredibly impressed with me!

      That pre-launch site now has over 60 clients at $600 each (per year), plus I've mentally brainstormed my new site, still supporting the same niche, and I've had several commissions for complete website overhauls and seo work, plus other up-sells.

      It is absolutely possible to make that money in 24 hours - I've done it and do it regularly these days.
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      Originally Posted by mohammad111 View Post

      If you start with absolutely nothing and you have 24 hours to make a 1000 bucks, it's not possible.

      That is complete horse crap.

      If you want to make $1000 in 24 hours, you pick ONE product or service that costs that much (either your own or someone else's as an affiliate) and go for the DIRECT SALES route.

      In other words, you're going to be talking to people DIRECTLY.
      You're not going for a "traffic" strategy.

      Offer something worthwhile that other people are not considering.

      This works best with products that are highly valuable - and superior - but not very popular.

      From there it's easy to make a sale because all you have to do is TELL THE TRUTH.

      For example, in the dating advice niche I used to hit forums (via private message) and offer a dvd product that was MUCH more effective than the more popular offerings. And it worked.

      Not only did the guys I "sold" to LOVE it, but it netted me a nice burst of cash at the time.

      It sometimes took a 3 hour IM conversation to land the sale but hey, $500-$1000 in 3 hours isn't so bad, is it? Especially for a product that is ACTUALLY HELPFUL.

      Spend some time looking for a killer high priced product (there are many) and then someone (it only takes ONE person) who is DESPERATE for help.

      If they say "no" you can find someone else.

      This requires some persistence but can very well be done in a span of 3-24 hours.

      Make a couple of high value advice posts to build equity (again, be HONEST), then PM someone who needs help.

      LISTEN to their problems and make an offer. There's no harm in this.

      You're helping someone and getting paid. Win/Win.

      This also works with social media of any kind.

      The technology is irrelevant - just go directly to a person who needs help and make an offer.

      Then if it works, take that offer and build it into a sales process so you can do it over and over again.

      Can you do this every day? I don't know you enough to answer that for you.

      Can you do it at least ONCE?

      No Contest.
      (Author. Artist. Social Media Maven. Life Coach.)
      {Free Yourself.}
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    Offer a high priced service.

    There's a lot of luck involved with landing the right contract but with that luck (or networking?) you could land a copywriting deal or a a web development deal.

    1K isn't a lot of money to pay someone for a good website or good copy.
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    Why such a stupid question?

    What's the point of it?

    Starting from nothing means you will 99.99% need more time.

    Why not think sensibly and build a business over the coming months and years?

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    Go post a thousand dollars worth of stuff up on ebay. They don't charge you until after it is all over.

    Write a hundred articles at 10 dollars a pop. Someone recently wrote nearly 100 in a day.

    Honestly though, 1k in 24 hours for a newbie is very unlikely to happen without them knowing someone and/or investing a little something.

    If my life were on the line I could do it - only because I have equipment I could post quickly for sale, and know the way to get it quickly noticed and sold.

    You are better off getting a little pocket money first by offering a service - and you would need at minimum IMO a week to prepare a solid plan of action with which at the end you could collect the 1k in 24 hours.

    "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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      There are many ways but one I could think of for a complete noob is to buy every damn blackhat software there is and spam the net with all your might, not that I condone BlueFart because it's unfair on all the geniune peeps.

      eta: man these bluefarts are still a little bit funny.


      Started this stuff 2009. Time is what will teach you the skills you need.

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      Looks like a very difficult feat if you are starting form scratch. I remember Robert G. Allen doing a 24k in 24 hours challenge a few years back. He did nearly 100k if i recall correctly, but he was preselling and working up the whole thing for over amonth ( probably more) so it probably doesn´t count.

      If you definitely absolutely need to make that money in 24 hours, assume there will be no sleep, very few breaks ( toilet ), you will have to eat a few sarnies in front of the pc. You would be looking at selling high ticket items either as an affiliate or selling an expensive service as it has been said before here.

      Overall I think unless you have a number of skills to go with it and a work ethic second to none, it would be down to luck.

      Perhaps we could one day prepare a competition in here,kind of like the 30 day challenge but on a 24 hour schedule. it would probably be both fun and very enlightening.
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      Originally Posted by avenuegirl View Post

      Go post a thousand dollars worth of stuff up on ebay. They don't charge you until after it is all over.
      That's not the case with Ebay. They only allow you to post 5 items without listing fee every 30 days.

      Amazon lets you do that. You can post as many items as you want on amazon (with a pro account) and you don't have to pay a listing fee. You pay after you make a sale.

      “The first draft of anything is shit.” ~Ernest Hemingway

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    This is possible.

    You need to have something that you know there is demand for, that is high priced, and you know exactly where to find your customers.

    It can be done simply via forums, PM's, email etc.

    Not really a long term business strategy, but can put $$$ in your pocket, literally overnight.
    SEO Training. $20 a month, first month free. Cancel anytime.
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    You may make 1000 in 24hrs but as a newbie you would need alot of work on top of all your hard work. Sorry to burst your bubble.
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    It's hardly possible to sell a high ticket item without building a list. Not everyone will buy right off the bat, so you probably have to capture your prospects data to follow up with them and presell them.

    Or you could sell something that is so cheap everyone wants to have it (small report???) and drive traffic to it like a mad man haha

    EDIT it's quite funny even the skilled marketers here can't figure a way for a newbie to pull this off... Assuming you're not a newbie yourself and just trying to help newbie marketers here?
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      What you are describing IMO is almost not possible. I could maybe see someone who already has the skills doing this to do it, but if you are starting with no list and no nothing, you might as well forget about it.

      If it was that easy to make $1,000 in 24 hours, more people would be doing it. You have to have some experience and knowledge to make that kind of money in 24 hours.

      Confused about SEO? Facebook? Adwords? Send me a PM to apply for your free 30 minute consultation today!

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    Sell a kidney
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    It's already been said here but I think that $1000 in 24 hours with zero dollars invested and not a lot of knowledge or a list or reputation, you're going to have to take the scammy road.

    My best advice would be to find someone off-line needs a website built and pay a cheap designer to do it thus marking up enough to make your thousand bucks.
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    This would only be theories but I do not see why this is completly impossible.

    First you need a desperate market and a good product.

    Say you have a good weight loss ebook that paid 25 dollars a piece (affiliate). You would need 40 sales. If this converted at 4 percent you would need 1.000 hops.

    You then find a weight loss forum or three that is very popular. I also know thas WF is ranking good in the search engines when you make a new post (this post is nr 2 for $1000 in 24 hours). I would guess that this also happens in the weightloss forums. So bonus traffic.

    Make a blogger page that is promoting the product good. Make the most catching forum signature linking to it and spend the next 23 hours starting new threads and discussing already existing threads. You need to have food available and forget about sleeping.

    If you are starting threads you can also start with the same post on more forums.

    If blogger you can also add AdSense since it pays well in the weightloss niche.

    To make this happen we are talking crazy mode, but it might as well be possible.

    If it is the first week of January it might be easier, but it cant be that impossible to find 40 people interrested in a good course if it is well promoted on a place visited by several thousand desperate overweight people?

    Again. Just theories, but would be fun to take is as a challange.
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      Robert Allen also had JV's helping him out. Allen
      didn't do all the hard work. Some one else wrote
      the sales letter.

      I know of 4 JV off the top of my head that helped.

      He did that like some marketers do when they want
      to get their book on Amazon best seller list.
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    Doing it online and for free? I think its possible, here's my idea, and your playing on luck as well as knowledge.

    First off, find a product that is in demand, or a topic that is hugely popular, build a free blogger blog, then go on a writing spree, using 12 hours to do as many good articles as possible, screw keywords at the moment because your running on a clock.

    Your goal is to have a plethora of articles with great enticing titles.

    Your next goal?

    Using social medium and hoping that atleast one of your many written articles goes on a mini-viral rampage, even a 20 k stampede of visitors would be enough.

    The guy at did 250k in 24 hours, and made 900 dollars in adsense alone.

    One other thing you could do, at the bottom of the article, state that for every digg, you'll give 0.50 cents or a dollar to charity, everybody loves to see people give, that should get the votes going.

    Again this is hugely based on luck, your speed and efficiency, and your knowledge to fill a need quickly.

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    I 'm thinking your best bet is going to be offline and you better be a damn good looking women!

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      I think it all depends on how much you charge people to cross your bridge, and how many people actually cross it.

      And if they're crossing it while you sleep, well...:rolleyes:

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      I like Jason's idea, but what could you promote that is really in demand right now, and would pay instantly to your paypal account?
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    hey! that's what girlfriends are for

    Sorry to any girls I may of offended

    Btw george, in your sig you spelt Membership wrong, well typo anyway...

    I think someone's to lazy to edit it ^_^
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    Politics, Art, Famous People, Financial fixes, Freebies and more

    It all depends on the people seeing it and whether your title strikes interest with that line of people.

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    24 hrs is a pretty short time frame to pull something off from scratch. Especially for a newbie. Lack of knowledge will slow them down.

    Setting up Web 2.0 sites with CPA offers and running adsense is a very viable and profitable method for fast income but you need more like a 30-45 day time to earn.
    1K is pretty easy.

    You don't need any starting capital but you do need the knowledge of how to set it up.

    While 24hrs for 1k may not be impossible it is very unlikely for someone starting out.

    My 2cents
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    Originally Posted by Razer Rage View Post

    Bryan Kumar made $43,000 starting with nothing in one month. No list, not JV partners. Granted, he did have some start up capital.

    John Reese made over $1,000,000 in less than 24 hours, a feat that was considered impossible.

    It never ceases to amaze me how narrow minded some people can be. To say it is not possible to make $1,000 within 24 hours starting with nothing is like saying it isn't possible to make money online.

    If I were to do it, I would find a high paying affiliate program (seeing as there is little time to begin with), and then I would get a free web 2.0 account (weebly, blogger, etc.).

    I would then post videos+articles that I found on the internet (with a link back to the source), and on my entire site I would have a banner linking back to my affiliate offer (and I would make references to my affiliate offer in my articles).

    As for traffic, I would go to very popular forums, social groups, and maybe even blogs, and start posting very actively.

    Let's say I found a product that paid a $200 commission (not at all hard to do). That means I would need only 5 sales to get to $1,000.

    Let's say the product was only $2. Could you sell 5 copies of a $2 in 24 hours? My point being, it is often said it is no harder to sell an expensive product than it is to sell a cheap product, and I believe this is true.

    Rather than ask "Can I make $1,000 in 24 hours", ask yourself "HOW can I make $1,000 in 24 hours?".

    An experienced Internet Marketer would come up with several answers quickly. Someone with little or no IM experience would probably start with google.

    Speaking of which: how to make $1000 in 24 hours - Google Search

    Amazingly, this thread is #3. It goes to show just how powerful the WF is SEO speaking (hint hint).

    Saying you can't make $1,000 in 24 hours starting with nothing is a foolish statement made by ignorant people. There is wisdom in trying to figure out how to achieve "impossible" feats.
    I'm the kind of person that believes anything is possible but making $1,000 in 24 hours starting with nothing would be pretty tough. If you're a hell of a good sales person you could go to off line business and sell online services.

    The examples you gave are not all that relevant. John Reese did not do a million bucks in 24 hours starting with nothing. There were JV partners, probably some paid advertising and a lot of preparation. The million dollars in 24 hours took a lot more than 24 hours to set up.

    Get a professional voice over for your next audio or video project at an affordable price -- I will record 150 words of text for just $5.

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