When writing autoresponder messages, should I leave a link to affiliate products on each message?

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For example, I have that 9 day mini course. On one message, I write that's it's important for beginners to build yourself a list and an autoresponder is crucial as oxygen.

Should I slyly put my Getresponder link at the end of the message or leave all the links/resources to the final email message, ie "build the suspense"?

Should I do that to every message? Or simply present my ecourse w/o any links whatsoever to not appear greedy?
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    yeah that would be a good idea ...
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      Using your Getresponder affiliate link will not result in immediate sales, because most beginners will not pay for the upgrade anytime soon.

      You should always include an affiliate link with every message and short ad related to your course. Search Clickbank for products to sell with your course.
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    Filling a space is an opportunity, if you are comfortable giving some affiliate link its ok.. do it.. and above ask yourself how do you feel when receiving such link with the message yourself?

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