Who's on Linkedin?

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Or am I alone ? It'd be cool if posted links to their profiles or something, unless there's already a thread about this.
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    I have an account/profile, but it's outdated. I would have to look up the login info.
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      I'm on linkedIn and invite all to link up - just make sure you mention you're a fellow warrior. Several other warriors are linked too.

      I use it mostly for my day job - as a way to keep in contact and to let my connections know what we're up to. I send out a note to my whole contact list maybe twice a year when we have a big announcement. I use it to contact individual more often to ask them mentoring type questions - ie what would you suggest we do in this situation.

      warning- I wouldn't use it as a spamming tool though.

      They are trying to get more into the web 2.0 world with the introduction (or promotion) of various groups. So far some have been great, others not so much.

      I've also not gotten into the whole Q/A thing yet.

      Still, I've been more active on linkedIn than Plaxo or the other business related sites.


      Jack Tackett - LinkedIn
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    Invites sent - again, LinkedIn is a great networking tool. MrSleep99 - wasn't sure how to invite you so feel free to send me an invite.

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