Message from EZA -Expert status after 1st article, after 9 days.

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Dear WF,

Firstly I just want to say thanks to everyone who has been helping out ...

I have received the following message, and after waiting for a week, its finally been accepted (this is my first article)

Your article, "3 Reasons to Try VOIP Telephony" - has been accepted and added to the directory:
3 Reasons to Try VOIP Telephony

You've also earned Expert Author status:
Andrew Holliss - Expert Author

I thought it was interesting that I received expert status on my first article (its supposed to be after 10 isnt it?)
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    You get expert author after your first article. You get Platinum status after your first 10 articles as an expert author is evaluated.
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    Yeah I got that also .. Then my 2nd article was rejected


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