What would you do with $30?

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I thought I'd see what responses I got on my question. I got a $30 affiliate check and I want to reinvest it in my business. I know it's peanuts, but it's mine to do with as I please.

My goal is to make more affiliate sales from my website. I've been writing articles but don't haven't had the time to write very many. I definitely want to increase traffic, but is $30 enough to fund PPC? I've never done that, and I think my keywords would probably be fairly expensive anyway.

SO, give me your best shot, that is if my $30 is worth anything.
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    Buy banner ad space on a site similar possibly.
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    It's not going to make a dent in PPC.

    Maybe directory links?
    Hire an article writer ?
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    Save it, and raise some more. Then go to the WSO and look for a good product with resale rights/ plr, and you can have your own product, sell it and keep 100% of the profit.

    Later you can run your own affiliate program, and let others promote your product and you can 'make money while you sleep'.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Fairuz Talib
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      Those are some good ideas. I'd thought about getting some articles written. I hadn't really considered creating a product and all that goes with it. But I can see that could be profitable.

      Any more ideas?
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    Maybe buy 3 domains in 3 new niches and make new niche blogs. Start researching and writing content for those topics and see how much more money you can make
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    Hey oregongal,

    I'd do 1 of 2 things with it.

    I'd either save it and then add to it as I gained more checks so I could do something worth while to benefit my business ... like something I needed outsourced badly.

    Or, I'd spend it on a tool that will either help me automate something in my business like a shor Macro program, or something like a keyword tool.

    To be honest with you $30 isn't much for PPC. No if you were around say a year or two ago, you might have done a little good with it.

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    I would invest it in domains, start up a site and then flip it a while later.
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      The information contained in the War Room is unequaled any where else
      on the net.

      The War Room contains information for not only generating an income
      online but also ways to create and sustain a business.

      With that said, I didn't even scratch the surface.

      Hope that Helps,
      Have a Great Day!
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    To be honest with you?

    You get the nity grity instead of the surface stuff.

    People in there give info that is basically a step above what you find in this section.

    It's not that this forum doesn't do well in that department, because they do. It's like I said, the War room gives more indepth details.

    As far as Macros go, they are a way to automate tasks that you do repeatedly. You can create a small program or buy one that will do the simple tasks for you so you don't have to waste your time. You can then do more important things.

    Here are just a few things you can automate with Macros:

    Rewrite articles
    submit articles
    submit sites to directories
    Look up keywords, and fetch them
    fetch content

    post to your wordpress, blogger, etc blogs at specific times, with specific articles

    You can schedule almost any task you need done on your computer without you having to do it manually.

    Just remember this list is in no way comprehensive. It's a very small tip of the iceburge.

    There are much larger Macro programs that will do much bigger jobs for you.

    Btw, there are a couple of good Macro programs out there that you can search for. You can find out more info about them there.

    Hope this helps ...

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      Oh, thanks Murtha. I get it.

      I take my time to decide on things like this. So, my $30 check is still in my wallet while I'm thinking about it.

      I appreciate all the input. It's interesting to get differing points of view.
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    Buy new domain and hosting, re-invest new sites and make more money!

    Just put more effort in your "free" marketing campaign, such as writing articles, $30 can't help much but getting new domains and website!
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      I love it when a lot of people try to help. Not just when I ask question, but in general. This is my favorite place to go to get input and information. I have learned a lot here. I've just been kind of going at my own pace and am getting excited now that I've been getting sales!

      Really need to up the traffic a bit. I have thought about more domains and sites but I am trying to focus getting traffic to the ones I have right now.

      Thanks again for all your interest and help!

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