How you Manage Your Energy? If you have Energy you are Unstoppable!

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Dear Warriors,

Just another day I was having conversation with my buddy about the life of an internet marketer.

I experienced this, that i had many things in my todo list, which needed to be completed,
but the day i tried to manage my energy, i cannot stop myself doing great things:

how one can manage the energy?
Well this is the question I ask you too!
How you do this?

Here is what I have been doing and i suggest the same at my recent blog post
at: Forget about todo list, Manage Your Energy | Mohsin Rasool

1. Stop working in the nights. Yes you can have few days in your month to break
this rule, and do stuff for whole night, as we are used to work on, but this should
not be your lifetime routine...get to work in the day light!!!!

2. Do some exercise everyday....i am talking about morning walk,jogging, or light exercise,
to give your plenty of Energy and Oxygen!

3. Take good food and plenty of water... this is only possible when you work on days..
during night..damn cola abuse our body in night shift.

4. Work in specific time blocks and take short breaks.

5. Work on ONE thing at a time..and do not leave it until you complete it..
you can do this only..if you have plenty of energy in your body, and focus..
which you really can get if you have followed, #1,and #2..yeah exercise and enough sleep!

That is it for now...
I was thinking to expand my Blog post which I referred decided to ask
and post here... now would you please share few tips in this you make your
day full of energy and feelings of doing something you make and keep yourself
fit while you are on your own in your own internet business?

Best Regards,
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