Where are you going with my money?

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Hi Warriors,

As you may have noticed, I'm not promoting anything in my sig file and haven't done for a while.

It's actually deeper than that.

Over the years that I've been here, I've received a lot of traffic and revenue from my sig file, plus all the link juice have thousands of links here gives to my sites.

But I made a decision a while ago to separate my revenue generating methods from my altruistic ones. So, unless I'm running a WSO to promote something new, I've stopped promoting my sites and services in the sig file.

I know that this seems crazy and it will cost me money, but when I see people post useful information about something and it's followed by a sig file selling something related it seems to tarnish the value of their post.

I only come here to help now - I don't come here to make money from fellow Warriors.

I know this isn't necessarily appropriate and I know that many people here make most of their money from selling stuff to Warriors (I buy a lot of it myself), but I decided not to give people the reason to look at my info like that.
It's hard enough getting information in through the barrage of mis-information that is everywhere online, so I decided this makes sense to me.

There are probably other downsides too, and I could say that having a sig file is a way to give people access to more information and help them more, but I'm not sure I buy that.

I may eventually put a link to my IM ezine in there since it's free, but I've stopped promoting my sites there and will rely on other promotional activities to get my traffic and revenue for them.

This philosophy also applies to PMs, I'm not promoting my stuff in response to PMs either and I know some people have found this weird too, but I've drawn a line - I'm not using this forum to promote my stuff, apart from the WSO section -because that's what it's for and I pay for the privilege.

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    Hi Andy,

    I respect your decision not to promote your sites in your Signature.

    Hey, Want to rent the space to Me?...lol, J/K

    Your a good guy in my Book and I won't forget the advise you gave me!

    Have a Great Day!

    PS, About the rent thing.....Oh, Never mind.
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    A man of this caliber is hard to find now a days.
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      Hey Andy,

      Definitely a different approach but I sort of understand your position. Usually, if I find the information provided by the poster of value, I'll check out their sig file. At the very least I get to see how/what they are doing and how they are structuring their site. Some of them might also give you ideas you haven't thought of or promoting a product that doesn't have a lot of buzz..

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    Haha ... love that subject line Andy!

    I think it's great you made that kind of decision and plan to stick with it. Good for you. You'll probably be doing yourself a huge favor in the end.

    Good luck with the other types of advertising. I know they work well.

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    Well Andy, you are right, I will follow your steps once I reach your status..

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